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Washington Square, Tigard, OR

Discussion in 'iPhone Launch Meetups' started by engelke2010, Jun 14, 2010.

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    I finally decided to definitely do a store pickup at the Apple store in Washington Square. Who else is gonna be there? I will be happy once I know more details about launch day there!
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    I was at Washington Square last year, just because the parking is so much easier then Pioneer place. That's probably where I'll end up this time around too.
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    I normally camp out in SoCal but looks like this year I'll be at Washington Square cause I'm going to school in OR (NO TAX = WIN)

    @iCoug: How was it last year? What time did you get there?
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    Yes, when did you get there and how long were you in line after they started? Was there two lines - one for reservations and the other for people who didn't reserve? Did they handle reservations first and not the other people until they were done with reservations?
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    I posted a message in Washington Square's Facebook page, asking them when they would let people wait inside. I was told at 6am, which is very ridiculous. I don't want to wait for hours outside in the likelihood that it will be chilly that morning.
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    I got to Washington Sq. at about 3am for the launch of the 3G and I was the 3rd person in line. The two that were ahead of me had been there since about midnight. By 5am the line started to get pretty big....but yeah. I reserved mine for pick up at W. Square.....not sure when I'm gonna head there though. Although I do anticipate that this iPhone launch will be way bigger than the 3G or 3G S launch. Thinkin' bout swingin' by Shari's on Garden Home and Olsen for some breakfast and coffee to-go.....anybody care to join, pm me :D
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    See all y'all there. What do you veterans expect in terms of folks with reservations? Will there be two lines or something? During iPad launch, I recall that anybody could walk into the store but there was a line to buy iPads that weren't already spoken for.
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    I've been in every iPhone line at washington square... was first in line for the 3Gs and the iPad 3G, don't remember where I was for the 3G though. I'm planning on being first for the iPhone 4, but I'm not sure when people are going to get there, for the 3Gs I think I got there at 3ish.
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    From the Glendale Galleria thread:
    I'll be there at about 6.
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    I talked to a store employee today. Engelke2010 is right: mall doors open at 6 AM. Apple employees will be milling around starting at 5, indoors and out. He expects the line to form prior to 6 at the mall's main entrance by Cheesecake Factory, but cautioned me against blindly assuming this come Thursday morning.

    There will be two lines. One for those with preorder reservations, and one for those walking in for unreserved iPhones. "If you have a reservation, you will get your iPhone on Thursday."

    See y'all at 6. I'll be wearing my IBM hat :)
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    That is odd, we've always waited outside the food court in the past.
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    Stupid question... would I lose my place in line if I went to the restroom once the mall opens?

    Oh, spblat...do you work at IBM or just have an IBM hat?
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    I used to, via an acquisition several years ago. Left in 2008 but I still use my bizcards to get discounts (shhhhh) :)
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    meh...I doubt it. I'm sure you're spot would be held...
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    I have confirmed the statement made by spblat that we are to wait by the Cheese Cake Factory entrance. The doors open at 6 AM and the phone goes on sale at 7 AM. There will be one line for reservations, and one for walk-ins.

    Hope to see everyone there!
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    Thanks for all the info and the confirmation...I'll be seein ya guys there!

    I'll probably get there around 530 and chill in the parkin lot until I see people lining up.
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    is 4am to early to go?
    I don't need to be first in line, but i wanna make sure i get a phone Thursday...
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    If you don't have a reservation then my intuition is that 4AM is a good time if you simply must have an iPhone this week. Or you could head on over there...NOW. :)
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    I've heard rumors that Apple will be like AT&T and do reservations only through next Monday.

    To the people who do have reservations, what time are you going to show up? I still haven't decided yet myself. Part of me wants the phone ASAP, but part of me doesn't want to wait in line for a few hours.
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    I'm showing up when the mall doors open at 6. AND I AM STARTING TO GET EXCITED :eek:
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    I just spoke with an Apple person. There will be some for walk-ins, but not that many. How they move the lines depends on how many are in each line. Sounds like the reserve line will move a LOT faster than the walk-in line.
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    yeah sadly i won't be in the reservation line, is 4am not early enough for me i need to make sure i get this phone tomorrow... also cheesecake factory entrance is where the line starts is that correct?
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    That is what is currently believed. You might want to orbit the mall before you park to see if people are congregating at other entrances. But all accounts are that it's by CF.
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    Well, my plan for being at the mall at 1am is shot. Just called the Cheesecake Factory.....AND.....the line has ALREADY started! 15 people are there.....so. Yeah. I might just head there soon. PM me if yer gonna show up before tomorrow....oh, and "reserved" means "reserved on a first come first serve" basis. Meaning: if they get 500 reserves and they get through those reserves at noon, and you show up at 2, you might be SOL.......
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    wow wait a minute there are iphones waiting for people with reservations correct?

    so theres no way that a person with a reservation can take the iphones set aside for people who just wanna do a walk in purchase?

    im freakin out about there already being 15 people... that means if i get there at 4. there might not even be enough iphones left.

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