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Watch ESPN app via Apple TV?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by guitarguy316, May 28, 2012.

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    So I've done some research and just wanted to verify...

    Does the Watch ESPN app on an iPad stream via airplay to an Apple TV? How's the quality? Currently, I'll watch something on the iPad, but sometimes want it hooked up to a big tv when guests are over. I imagine via airplay, the quality has to be better than using a pc connection via VGA cable.
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    maybe no one of consequence has that app... It does not actually show the ESPN channel, I understand; only highlights...
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    no, i have the app on my iPad, it shows all those channels (you have to be a cable subscriber to sign in).

    i just want to know that they didn't block the mirroring via airplay, as HBO Go does.
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    That is why no one is replying; you have to have a cable subscription for it to work...

    I have DirecTV; will they activate ESPN for me; I could try it for you...
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    i think it depends on your cable and internet subscription. For example, i know on TWC, they make you sign in.
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    Why not just test this all yourself. I'm pretty sure it stream audio only. I usually just watch it through my cable box in HD, seems best doing it that way.
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    because i don't have an apple tv yet?! that's why i'm asking, as this is one of my main reasons for doing so.

    i'm not wanting to to do this to watch espn or espn2. I want to have all the sports on espn3 streamed to TV. TWC blocks this app on the xbox 360, and espn3 is not a tv channel through a cable box.
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    I have a cable subscription, an ATV2 and an iPad2 with this app installed. I'll try to test it this evening when I get home from work. What would be the point though? If you're home and you have a cable subscription and you're near your TV, why not just tune in to ESPN?

    I see you answered the question before I posted...
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    Yes, it actually supports AirPlay and works really well with the AppleTV. I've used it many times although I've had trouble getting WatchESPN via AirPlay to connect properly from time to time. The most recently AppleTV update indicated fixes to AirPlay so hopefully it's all good now but I haven't used WatchESPN in a while to test and confirm.
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    It works well. I have it. My set up is 1080p plasma / aTV 3 connected LAN and hdmi / iPad 2
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    Cool thanks. There's a ton of content on espn3 that you can't get on cable tv. Glad espn didn't block it like hbo go.
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    Hate to disappoint OP, but WatchESPN only works with mirroring, not true ATV streaming.

    I just tested it with iPad and the mirroring is cropped with slight lag, not what I consider to be high quality at all.

    FYI, jailbroken ATV2 does allow ESPN streaming with Comcast subscription.
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    Yeah, I tried it this morning, on my setup I could only transfer the audio to the ATV.
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    yeah i saw an article where apple was trying to get it an atv app rather than mirroring.

    sounds like the mirroring quality sucks at this point, i guess i'll pass until that changes.
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    I tried it last night for the first time in a while I was unable to stream anything except for audio. It did work previously but ESPN has apparently removed that funcitonality in a recent update. It is now completely useless. I apologize for having misled you before, it was not my intention to get your hopes up nor to spread false information.
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    thanks for confirming...sounds like they did what hbo did to go...

    no apple tv for me since ps3/xbox 360 achieve the same results!
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    if you are jailbroken there is an app in cydia you can use to allow it to airplay...ever since the last update on watchespn airplay hasnt worked...so i tried the app from cydia and it works again

    hack is airvideoenabler
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    I looked into getting an XBox 360 just for HBO Go and WatchESPN (with the side benefit of the occasional game) but my cable provider is Time Warner and even though I have access to both services through the web and iOS they do not support WatchESPN via Xbox and only just added support for HBO Go a few weeks ago. On top of that you need an XBox Live Gold subscription just to get the apps which is something like $50-60 per year. No thanks! I will keep hoping they are added to AppleTV directly or will properly enable AirPlay in their iOS apps. Any streaming app that intentionally disables AirPlay should be banned (in my meaningless opinion).
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    Does anyone know the version which enabled the airplay via atv2?


    How? Addon?
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    xbmc addon. if I remember correctly, it's in the same depository as hulu.
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    There are frequent sales (Best Buy, etc) for XBox Live Gold, usually around $30 a year. Set an alert on slickdeals.net and you'll be notified via email as soon as someone posts a sale. There are also frequent free month deals from various sources.
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    I sent off a complaint via the support button in the apps page within the app store. I got this reply today after the generic "we appreciate your feedback" email yesterday.

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    Sounds BS to me.
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    Thanks for the tip! Perhaps the next edition of FIFA will be enough to tilt the scales in XBox's favor and I'll give it a shot.

    In the meantime I was able to revert my version of the WatchESPN app (using my TimeMachine backup) from the current version 1.6.1 to the previous version 1.6.0, thus restoring video AirPlay (although the problem of some streams not working remains).

    Hopefully this will all not matter come WWDC if ESPN is eventually added to the AppleTV directly. One can only hope!

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