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Watch Nearly Every Steve Jobs Video on New Blog Site and YouTube Channel

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Feb 22, 2013.

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    The Apple fan behind the Every Apple TV ad YouTube channel has created a new channel and blog with the self-explanatory title Every Steve Jobs video, offering a total of around 150 clips of varying lengths.

    The site's creator told MacRumors that he wanted to get them online in time for Steve Jobs' birthday on February 24.
    Highlights include Steve's first TV appearance, where he told the crew he was about to throw up from nervousness; the launch of the Macintosh, including the famous 1984 video and Jobs making fun of IBM; and the launch of the Think Different campaign. It also includes some amusing compilations including Steve Jobs' Funniest Moments and Every 'One More Thing' Moment, all 31 of them.

    Article Link: Watch Nearly Every Steve Jobs Video on New Blog Site and YouTube Channel
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    That must've taken forever to upload. Cool collection though.
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    It's still shocking to see how he wastes away towards the end of that video :(
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    24th is Steve's B'day. Miss him.
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    Miss him.
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    Nice. See it while you can before Apple and/or the Jobs estate take it down.
  8. noiseordinance, Feb 22, 2013
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    I understand wanting to watch these from a business perspective, and I also understand that the business seems to be in mild decline since his absence, so I get why people miss him in that regard... but wasn't he like... a cantankerous, irascible, greedy person? Don't get me wrong, I have Apple everything in my house... I've swallowed the koolaid, I'm not some PC user trying to troll. But this guy really should have followed Bill Gates' lead in terms of trying to better the world. I have a difficult time understanding why people idolize Steve Jobs... could someone please inform me?

    Edit: as said above, it is really sad to see such dramatic weight loss. It's terrible that no amount of money can stop the scourge that is cancer.
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    Happy birthday Steve!
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    So great to have this option. Last week, I spent a few nights sleuthing out videos of Steve.
    This will definitely help find what I missed. Thanks!

    Agree about the weight loss comments.
    So very disturbing to see.

    Dang, I miss the guy. : -/
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    I think it's the genius behind everything. If you look at interviews of people who worked with or knew steve on a personal level, few of them got along with him or appreciated him as an individual, most of them butted heads with him or were even bullied by him, but were still pretty impressed with his ideas and his drive.

    He's a fascinating figure, that's why I like to watch some of those videos. It's not because Steve is all that great, he was, but ultimately he was really interesting and fascinating. In my opinion anyway.
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    What a great collection!
    "... if we approve it!" :D
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    Thanks for the insight. That definitely makes sense. I'm sure that his stubbornness is ultimately what lead to fantastic products too. It seems like there isn't that level of scrutiny in the past year or so which leads me to believe that he not only had incredibly high standards, but that he also utilized his company's products. I have an rMBP that I'm pretty pleased with and become more pleased with as they work out the glaring nasties, but I could tell that they didn't actually use this machine much before it's release. Jobs-era releases felt a bit more solid, but I could be imagining things.
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    My opinion too. Do I think Steve was a God? Absolutely not. Have I enjoyed using Apple's products & watching their evolution since 1988? Without a doubt.

    For me, Steve had an innate ability to draw you in & entice you along for the ride. Even for products you may not have even known you needed. Or maybe didn't at all. But dang if he didn't make the ride fun.

    Was Steve a nice man? In many cases no. But I admit I loved his zen, cutting edge ideas for design and the accompanying technology. So taking a step back through time while watching these videos, also takes me on a journey of watching his genius unfold. IMO, not too shabby for a guy who began his ideas working out of a garage with a harry dude named Woz.

    I will forever remain intrigued at his drive and what made him "Steve". I find myself wondering what more he could have offered & wishing his journey hadn't ended so young.
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    I'll be downloading these videos, just in case google decided to delete them :cool:
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    great videos! really miss his keynotes speeches!
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    It's still kinda sad the man is gone. :-(
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    szw-mapple fan

    This channel has been around for a long time. Why report it now?


    It's due to his desire to make near-perfection products that made him irascible or cantankerous or all that. His focus was on Apple, not on some philanthropy stuff.
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    So... if Donald Trump was the guy behind Apple products, would you be a huge fan of him as a person because of his creation of a fantastic product? See, I like Apple products, but I have a hard time liking a guy who is unlikeable. I guess as another analogy, there are bands who I consider to be amazing and put out great album after great album, but who are also incredibly awful people to interact with. So I idolize the product, but can't idolize the person. I would never put their poster on my wall or watch interviews with them because it spoils the experience. In some ways, that's how I think of Steve Jobs and Apple.
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    Now this is what people ought to have. This is a proper account of Jobs working life. And a real historical record. Unlike that piece of **** with ashton kutcher. Calling that thing a movie is a disgrace to movies.
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    I might get hung for this; but part of the genius of Jobs wasn't his knowledge of computers, but his lack thereof. He certainly knew a thing or two about technology but Woz (and modern day Apple engineers) know a whole lot more. That lack of in-depth knowledge led him to envision products that were outside the scope of ability. A lot of Apple engineers have mentioned him demanding impossible things, but he somehow drove and led them to do it anyway.

    He wasn't a genius because he knew how to build it, he's always had fantastic engineers behind him for that. Really just because he had an idea of what the customer would want (even if it's not what they say they want. If you're an Apple user, surely you've had at least one experience where on-paper, it sounded awful, then you used it and the lightbulb went on and you said 'Oh wait, now it makes sense, this is awesome!"). Apple still has the engineering power that brought us all those great products. But I don't know that it'll ever have the drive or ridiculous scrutiny of a guy like Jobs.
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    Not from me. I think you expressed yourself quite eloquently.

    Agreed. But he had a charisma about him that worked in concert with how he presented an idea or a new device to the public. A consummate pitchman if you will & to me, that's where his genius came into play.
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    Absolutely. Probably one of the best salesmen of the century. It all came from NeXT. Truth be told, though NeXT computers did some things really well and the OS itself was really great (it's what OSX is based on), the computers were insanely expensive and didn't sell well at all. He was a salesman before, but he really honed those skills with NeXT as, overpriced and outdated as they may be, he HAD to sell them if he was going to continue his career. I sometimes wonder if part of Jobs great success in the end, was in trying new things, breaking all the rules, because he was confident that even if the product turned out to be a flop; he could sell it. As a long long long time Apple fan, I can certainly say that they have released some really crummy stuff that's way behind everyone else. They've also released some pretty great stuff! But the genius is, they sold about the same amount of each!
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    Sergei Brin doesn't look happy

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/EverySteveJobsVideo

    Go to 3:20. The audience pan across and you see Sergei the sole person not amused.

    You can't miss him. He's dressed as Tom Cruise from Risky Business.


    NeXT Computers weren't outdated. They were more advanced than the competition. Steve learned at NeXT to be less ahead of the competition if you want to win the markets.

    People were dealing with Windows 3.11 and NeXTStep 3.3 was out. It was light-years ahead. The hardware on SPARC and HP Gecko were true workstation class hardware carrying on the expensive tradition of hardware for heavy work. The Intel port allowed PCs but only a few vendors paid the $5k certification fees to be on the list.

    Then the User License: $795 and Developer: $4995. The University License for both: $299.

    We were way ahead of everyone else. That was the problem. We were 5 years in many areas or more ahead. No one got it. Steve woke up and slowed down the tech to be either a bit behind, right at or a bit ahead of the competition which allowed people to grasp the future more easily.

    People didn't get Display Postscript to Postscript Printing for WYSIWYG in 1992. They didn't get Fax Modems built-in handling all your paperless documentation. They didn't get a lot that people now still don't seem to get as FAX is still highly used but people still buy those crappy HP fax machines.

    People truly didn't get Object-Oriented Programming outside the Enterprise until around OS X 10.4. People fought it.

    Now people today laugh at those that don't get it.

    Change too far ahead is what killed NeXT. That and Bill Gates and Adobe screwing us over, not to mention a certain group inside IBM who didn't like how fast NeXTSTEP ran on IBM hardware and made IBM UNIX look like a child next to it so they ran NeXTSTEP in emulation during demos to the top brass who canned the partnership.

    Steve learned a lot about back stabbing from partners and getting the right people on-board in legal, design, manufacturing, channel distribution and more who had all the connections so when the iPod or iPhone arrived all i's were dotted and t's were crossed.
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    FWIW: These aren't remotely every Steven P. Jobs video at NeXT. Not by a long shot.

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