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Watch TV in your iPad, anytime, anywhere.....

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by iPad.Lover, Dec 24, 2010.

  1. iPad.Lover, Dec 24, 2010
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    You work for them? :D

    I did buy a slingbox just for the iPad after the app came out. and it's awesome. At least with wifi, the quality is beautiful and no lag, or delays. Just HD goodness.
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    how does slingbox work with cable company and whats the difference between different slingboxs?
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    Hey there, unfortunately I don't work with them :D but I'm here to share the good stuff that they provide. Anyway, Yeah me too, I got my Slingbox just for the iPad and it's great but the app itself needs an update for the 3G. Good to have you here and please keep us updated with ur experience.
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    Hello sir, It works perfectly fine with cable companies and it's really easy and enjoyable to setup your slingbox. You can control all your cable channels by your slingplayer app or your slingbox software in your PC/Mac. It's so easy to use and control. For your second question, There is a lot of slingboxes each one has it's own feature, however only SlingBox PRO-HD and SlingBox Solo works with the iPhone/iPad apps so be careful before purchasing any. In my opinion go for the PR-HD. You don't wanna miss the opportunity of having great HD channels anywhere, anytime. Enjoy man
  6. sinsin07, Dec 25, 2010
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    Sorry, I'm skeptical of the the thread starters intentions, he/she joins recently and their first posts appear to be all adverts for Sling.

    However to answer your question, your performance on wifi should be fine, your performance on 3G is dependent on how good your bandwith is, both on internet provider and ATT. If you use the recently released optimized app for the iPad, and you do not have good up/down speeds on your cable provider, you will be prone to freezes. I have the worst of both worlds, I mostly use Slingbox going to and from Midtown Manhattan (ATT), and I am on Cablevision.

    There has been mention of this on the Slingbox forums, especially when the app first came out.

    I currently have a 3 year old Slingbox AV and a Slingbox Pro HD, however my speeds suck, so I have both the iPhone and Ipad apps on my iPad, so I can switch if I find poor performance from the iPad version.

    Of course I am not recommending buy both apps, I already had the iphone version from 2009.

    Once again, mileage will vary from person to person depending on their internet provider. I just want to alert you it is not necessarily a slam dunk.
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    Man, I don't have any relation with Sling Media at all. All what I'm saying is the SlingBox the ONLY option to get your home TV into your iPad. The app is just perfect. the problem is with your internet connection that's all. You can't ask for HD qualiyt in your 3G connection we're not in 2020 yet. The reason you bought both apps because you like them and that's why I'm here.
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    how do you set it up?
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    Regardless of intentions this or intentions that, it works wonderfully. As the previous poster mentions, the Solo and Pro-HD are the only two slingboxes that work with the app. But it's an easy setup and the quality is really good. I didn't think it'd be that good to be honest.
  10. Mitchrapp, Dec 25, 2010
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    Slingbox to cable box or DVR, and TV. So DVD out to SB in and SB out to TV in or vice versa -- I forget ;). Then they give you IR cable, hooks in to SB and put it on the cable box or DVR for Remote control. It took me about 10-20 minutes.

    App then auto finds it. I'm probably missing a small step or two but the Instructions will have the steps. Only a handful. But definitely worth it.

    Or you could follow this: ;).

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    Sales pitch much? :D
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  13. sinsin07, Dec 26, 2010
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    I did not say the app does not work, when you click on it, launches. I was giving the poster with the question the particulars of the app working well over 3G, which you seem to ignore. The app works perfectly on 3G if the two factors I mentioned have good bandwith. Nothing you said defuses that fact. I also did not mention anything about HD, so the comment you made is out of context. I also did not say I did not like the app, so your comment about me liking it is pointless.

    Since the OP with the question may not be aware of some of the points on 3G I listed them. If they are aware of poor performance on any one of the items I mentioned, they can make an informed decision, instead of your disingenuous post.

    Another disingenuous post. All three videos show a wifi only iPad. I guess you didn't notice my comment in my first post: your performance on wifi should be fine... And you say your not a pitch man...tsk tsk tsk

    Just in case you or anyone else does not get it, I like the product. The only reason I brought the iphone in 2009 was this App, I wanted a screen larger than my Treo. Also my comments are on the iPad version of the App running in SQ mode using 3G. I can run the iPhone verison fine on the iPad. My comments are not to imply that this is typical for everyone, however there are post about it from others.
    My only intention to poster einmusiker was to give some info on the 3G aspect. And like a mentioned earlier, mileage will vary from person to person.
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    I'll get back to you soon sir. I guess I miss understood you, I'm sorry. Again, we're both customers... we always look for the best. best regards.
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    "All what you're saying" is wrong. There are several other options to get live TV on an iPad - FilmOn, EyeTV, etc. :rolleyes:
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    Exactly. Not to mention the Vulkano box by Monsoon.


    I am a Sling AV owner and have become a bit fed up with Sling's software policies. I hear that the Vulkano clients are free.
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    You can't compare any of your list with Sling Media... FilmOn has monthly fees almost 10 bucks, they're the worst. EyeTv comes next after SlingBox. I'm an old subscriber but Sling waaaaaaaay better that EyeTv, and ask everyone. .. Please don't include ETC,, there's none,, sorry
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    Please you must be a a Vulkano user to judge. hearing is not enough... Sling still number 1.
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    Looks interesting, but I'd like to read more real world reviews about it. I've read a few, and none of them have been good. They all have pretty much said it's not ready yet.
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    I have Sling on my iPhone and iPad ( used to have it on my Treo, so I have been a customer for a while) and I think it is the best solution for streaming from satellite or cable. It also works with my IO Data linkplayer (unbelievable, but true) and OTA HDTV.

    However, I just got an EyeTV and it can do most of the job, too. My main issue (and I could be wrong, I just got it yesterday) is that I can't access my Directv DVR recordings from the mobile interface. However, it has the added benefit of recording HD to the computer and it will transcode it to iPad, iPhone, AppleTV format if you desire.

    I will keep both because they do different things, but the Sling is a great product if you don't need to archive.
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    it's really nice to have people like you here. thanks for sharing your experience.
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    so would this app allow me to access my US based slingbox while I am overseas?

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