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WatchESPN fails to register on some ATV's

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by d21mike, Jun 24, 2013.

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    I have 4 ATV's. I was able to get HBOGo working on all of them. However, WatchESPN only activated on 1. The other three are having problems. The one it works on is a ATV3 and the others are normal (NO jailbreak) ATV2's but I don't think this is the problem, just wanted to provide all information.

    Maybe just early implementation problems.

    Also, I am on Verizon FIOS.

    Anyone else have this problem.

    On a separate note how come Golf is not listed. I know they show Golf sometimes during the week. Maybe the Golf Channel is taking over midweek coverage.
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    I gave mine one shot this weekend and couldn't get it to register. Mine is an ATV2 on TWC.

    I thought it was supposed to clear the registration screen when it was completed but it never did so I just went up a level in the menu structure. I'll try to remember to try again tonight as there's nothing on TV.
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    I had the same issue but eventually got it to work on both of my Apple TV's. I originally used my iPad to surf to the es.pn site to plug in my validation code. Everything seemed to work and my iPad got the screen saying my registration code had been accepted. It said ESPN would start up on my Apple TV and I'd be all set but that never happened - the Apple TV would just remain on the screen showing the login code. After trying repeatedly on both Apple TV's I tried plugging in the code via my iMac and everything immediately worked.
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    Thanks. That was it. I used my MacBook and got the other 3 working. I think that is what I did on the first one and later in the day I went to setup the other three with my iPad Mini and HBOGo worked fine but WatchESPN did not.

    I really hope with get many more channels sooner then later. My most needed one would be the Verizon Mobile App where I would get 75 channels (would hope for all of them). I think this is on the XBOX as well.
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    Same thing with mine. I used an iPad the first time (that failed). Used my MBP this time and it worked.

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