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Watching films from Powerbook on TV

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Mala, Aug 25, 2004.

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    Someone told me that if I link my PowerBook to an ordinary DVD player using an S-Video cable, and link the DVD player to the TV with a SCART cable, I can watch on the TV that films that are stored on the PowerBook.

    So I bought a DVD player and checked that it was working by placing a DVD in it and watching that film on the TV - the DVD player and TV are linked by a SCART cable.

    Then I linked up the PowerBook to the DVD player with an S-Video cable, ejected the DVD that was in the DVD player, started up VLC on the PowerBook and started a film. It showed on the PowerBook, but not on the TV.

    What am I not doing? (Oh, I tried going to System Prefs and Displays and clicking Detect Displays, and nothing happened.)
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    Why don't you just buy this (for 12" PBs) or this (for other PBs) and hook it up to your TV's video input, and then switch to VIDEO mode?
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    the person that explained how to hook up your Powerbook to your TV was a little misinformed.
    The S-Video jack on your DVD player is an OUT only, not an in, so this won't work.

    How I do it, is I plug an s-video cable into my powerbook, and the other end into the s-video IN on my TV.
    If your TV doesn't have S-Video, then you can get an s-video to composite adapter, but you should be going straight into the TV.

    Lee Tom
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    That's strange, Lee-Tom, he says he does this himself. I'll try connecting the S-Video into a SCART with S-Video socket on the TV.
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    now, how would I do this w/ an iBook?
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    Oh, by the way, I'm in Ireland; we use the same TV system as the British do, not the same as the Americans - I don't know if this makes a difference to this process.
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    It wont make much difference. All dvd players have a s-video out and not in.
    As others have pointed out, easiest way is to get the video adaptor and the audio cable, and connect to TV directly.

    There is a video adaptor for iBooks too, mini-vga to video adaptor.
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    Tried that. Didn't work. My PowerBook doesn't have those video in sockets. So I could possibly listen to a film, but I couldn't watch it.
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    Buy the video composite out adapter from the Apple Store, plug it into your video-out slot on the left side of your iBook, and plug the composite video cords into your TV.

    EDIT: whoops didn't see the above post.
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    Yah, but the pb will definitely atleast have a mini-vga or if its the newer one, a mini-dvi port. And both adaptors are sold in apple store.
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    All you have to do is take the s-video to composite video adapter that comes with the PB (it came with mine, i assume it comes with other models) and plug it into your s-video on your PB. Plug a standard composite video cable into the adapter and the other end into the tv input on the front or back. Now you have picture. To get sound take a ministereo to composite stereo audio cord and plug it into you speaker port and the tv.
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    What powerbook do you have?
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    15" G4 with Panther, LeeTom.

    Vector, I didn't get that S-Video to composite video adapter with my PowerBook.

    Vraxtus, I went to an Apple store and they offered me some kind of adapter, for around 35 euro, but said they couldn't guarantee that it would work, and wouldn't take it back if it didn't.
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    Those bastards!
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    What speed? is it Aluminum or Titanium?
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    I bought a 1.5 ghz G4 AlPB a few weeks ago and got the connector. I hooked it up with a composite video wire and the audio cable i mentioned earlier and watched some family guy episodes on my tv.
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    I do it all the time with my AlBook 1.25. My TV has S-Video in, but i basically plug it in, turn on the TV and click Detect Displays, and I'm off.
    I watched every episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm that way!

    Lee Tom
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    I think the problem may be that my TV is too old. My original informant just emailed me to say: "I have the TV set to Auxillary device, and a scart switch set to hunting."

    My TV doesn't have the ability for these settings, I don't think.
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    All you need is the s-video adapter and a composite video cable. As long as your tv has inputs for RCA style connector on the front or back you dont need to go out and buy that other stuff.
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    Hey All,

    Does anyone know of a way to play a DVD on a powerbook that is connected to a television while the powerbook screen is closed? Is there some sort of hack that keeps the computer from going to sleep? This would be the coolest thing in the world.

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    If you have an external USB mouse, then close your pb, connnect to the tv, and plug in the mouse. It would wake up. Then play the movie. :)

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    Have you done this before, or is it a random suggestion? How could you start the movie with the laptop shut?
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    Many people run external monitors and keep their PB shut when they are at their desks. It is ok to run it while shut, but i don't because i use an extended desktop so i can have more space. Its fine to use it closed.
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    Not sure about PB's but I have a little app on my iBook (downloaded from versiontracker) that forces it to stay awake with the lid closed. Some people freak out about their books getting too warm.... but its freezing in my room anyway (bloody student digs, no cash for heating, wearing three jumpers in the middle of august.....)!

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