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Watching movies/shows on iPhone instead of MBA

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by abz1981, Mar 16, 2013.

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    Hi all

    Does anyone else prefer watching movies and shows on the iPhone instead of your MBA. Unless you have Apple TV or retina display iPad.

    Am just saying really because lately I been watching 24 again on my MBA through Netflix and the quality I get is far better on my iphone 5 for 24 rather than my MBA. I do not know if it's because it's an old episode i am watching. I am season 2 right now. But I am pretty much amazed. It may be because iphone 5 has retina display etc but so much clearer and better on the iPhone.

    Don't get me wrong watching things on MBA is still good but I am impressed with the iPhone display. Just thought I share my thoughts.
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    Not at all, I've watched movies on my iPad and that was ok, but my phone - too small. The laptop is ok, I've done that and its superior to the phone imo
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    Haha that's maybe because you have an iPad and I only have my MBA and iPhone 5 and my sharp tv lol. I may be saying the same about the iPad if I had that.
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    I prefer to watch movies/tv/video on my MBA because its more comfortable (quality difference is negligible, IMO). Plus, I don't have to hold it in my hand 1-2 feet from my face for 2 hours. And just imagine the eye strain. If I'm out somewhere and I don't have my MBA, or its not practical to use it, then I will watch on my iPhone.
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    I prefer to watch them on my 11" Air than my iPad, it's barely bigger than the iPad, but because widescreen movies can use the whole screen you get a much bigger picture.

    It's annoying holding my iPhone so close to my face, but other than that it's surprisingly good. It has turned out be expensive though - when I was waiting for my Apple TV to update and started watching on my phone I discovered that my 32" TV was too small, by comparing how close I held my phone to give an optimum picture. There's a 50" in my future...
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    I suppose if I get stuck in a bus for hours and nothing other than my phone, will I be forced to watched something on it, but I still think is crazy.
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    You are probably getting the same video resolution, but displaying that on a 4" screen rather than 11" or 13" will obviously make it appear to be better quality, because you're not stretching the image.
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    Much rather watch on my MBA or my ATV. Never watch movies on my phone. Maybe a youtube video now and then.
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    I enjoy watching things on the iPad the most followed by my MBA. Unless it's a short video, I don't like watching things on my phone unless I have to.
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    I watch movies on my phone all the time. The experience is better on the iPad.
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    I've watched a few things on my phone and it's one of the worst viewing experiences I've ever had personally.
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    Stream to iPad, prop up beside pillow, fall asleep. Oyasumi.
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    50" is the new ti-85.

    this is what you need:

    stop being so stingy

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