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Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by Vlade, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. Vlade, Sep 4, 2006
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    I just programmed a new water effect into my game GL Golf, and I would love for a few people to test it and tell me if it works before I release it. Here is the URL - http://nuclearnova.com/temp/glgolf192waterdemo.zip

    There is a menu option to disable it to see what it use to look like. Please give me feedback on it, I need to do some tweaking but I'm just hoping it looks correct on a variety of hardware now. I will add waves and motion to the water later.

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    The "Water Reflection" works properly on my White 2.0Ghz Macbook, and not on my 500Mhz G3 iMac with Rage 128 (this is to be expected). Both are running 10.4.7

    Just as an aside, you have a typo on the "registration nag" -- "Significantly" is not spelt with a G. :) Also, when I am prompted to take a mulligan the text runs into the wind direction text.
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    It doesn't seem to work on my iBook G4. I have the last version of the iBook.
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    I don't see any change either. I'm using a 1 GHz 12 in Powerbook. What are we supposed to see?

    Major Problem with Game:

    I can't play in full screen. My screen gets distorted when I choose full screen in menu.
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    Thanks for the feedback guys. I wouldn't expect it to run on the G3 iMac, but I'm concerned about the G4 iBook, what video card / CPU or revision is that ibook? Also, does it look "normal" on the ibook, or does it look like its trying to make reflections and failing? Same thing for you abbottpc.com

    I think my test to see if the computer is capable of reflections is it has to be 10.3 or greater and have two texture units in the video card... which i would think the above systems would have.

    I'll look into that fullscreen mode, it seams like each BIG release of OS X has semi-broke the fullscreen mode. What version of OS X are you on?

    And thanks for the misspelling, i actually didn't make that screen but I should have caught it. I will fix the mulligan thing too, the default resolution needs increased

    Also I will upload what the reflection should look like, it looks better while your actually shooting though.

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    I'm running OS X Tiger on my Powerbook. I do see some reflection of clouds in the water. But the toggle in the menu makes no difference in the effect. I would also like to suggest that when you hit the ball past the hole, you should make the player face back towards the flag. It's a pain to turn your guy all the way around. Other wise the game looks good.
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    Good idea on the turn around, I'll try to add that to the next version. I was afraid if I did that then nobody would have to aim, making the game to easy. I'll probably make it automatically turn to +- 10% error to make the player still aim a little bit.

    And as for the menu item, you have to restart the game to see a change, I'm going to make a note of that in the menu.
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    Looks fine on a MacBook Pro (17", though that shouldn't matter) with 10.4.7.
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    is EVERYTHING distorted, or just where the water is, because I just found the problem that cause the water to be distorted when switching to fullscreen and back.

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    The graphics are definately much improved. Water hazards looked fine, I like the reflective property and the grid map on the greens. I might pay again for the finalized version - i used to have this on my G3 imac; running on a G4 mini now.
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    Thanks for the feedback! If you bought the game before I will gladly replace your key, just send an email to jake at nuclearnova . com with the email you used to purchase it and I will fix your key. I always think its cool when I find random people in cyberspace that have played or bought my game :)

    And I think I have the fullscreen problems nailed down now, thanks!

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