wats a good photo printer with good price?

Discussion in 'Product Recommendations/Reviews' started by nhw, Apr 17, 2004.

  1. nhw
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    looking for a photo printer, can anyone get me any suggestion? of course not too expensive ($100-$200) ~
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    Canon i960 from Amazon.com for $180. This is ABSOLUTELY the best photo printer on the market...no question. I have one myself and I do prosumer level photography with a Digital SLR camera, and this printer makes it look like I have a photo lab in my office. And it takes about 30 seconds to print a 4x6 and about a minute for an 8x10, and it also does borderless 8.5x11". It has 6 inks, each of which you can replace individually if it runs out. Unlike HP where you have to throw out an entire tank if ONE color runs out. That and the inks last a long time. Here's a very in depth review...

    and amazon.com link

    but if you want something that photos ALMOST just as well, but has very fast text printing...take a look at the i860.
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    Take a look at anything in the Canon lineup.
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    Canon gets good ratings. I can only vouch for their amazing digicams.

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