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WD Mybook Live - Incredibly slow iTunes downloads

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by Risco, Sep 7, 2013.

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    Copying to and from the NAS is fine. However my iTunes downloads are stupidly slow. I can only get 1Mb/s when downloading anything. If I made another iTunes library and download directly to my SSD the speeds are super fast. In fact I was getting faster download speeds with my old USB 2.0 drive connected!

    Any ideas on why the speeds are so slow? I tried to connect as admin, rather than as guest but it made no difference. Time Machine is also totally fine, estimtating about 4 hours for 150GB.

    So what gives?
  2. Risco, Sep 8, 2013
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    OK I tried moving my iTunes Media out of the folder and hosted directly on a created share. Still the speeds are terrible, I can only get 1Mb/s downloads when I have a 120mpbs connection and 5ghz!

    I have tested in both wireless and ethernet and while ethernet is faster it still only get 2mbps. Now of course if I download directly to my hdd then speeds are perfect, but there is no option to change download location for iTunes….

    My exact issue is here, I thought it might be the NAS but it seems an issue with iTunes and download over a network...

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    I have a My Book Live on my Mac Mini running 10.8.4 Mine was very slow and the drive kept spinning up for no reason. I disabled the remote access feature in the settings of the drive and it's much faster now as well as no longer spinning up all the time, It is now faster than my USB2 drive.

    I found a few comments on other forums about this and it's somthing to do with the drive indexing the files for remote access which slows it down
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    Really, so your speeds are far faster now for downloading with iTunes?
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    When you say "Downloading with iTunes" do you mean the home sharing feature where devices on your network can share the iTunes library stored on the drive ? If thats the case then the answer is YES. Everything I use the drive for is a lot faster. When I have the remote access feature switched on the drive was maybe 25% the speed of my USB2 drive and its connected via a Gigabit switch and a cat6 cable so there should have been nothing slowing it down. How is yours connected ? If you have got it wired straight to your router it may only have a 10/100 port which will slow it down.
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    Makes little difference wired or wireless. I am talking about downloading a podcast or music bought from iTunes. The issue is the download folder being stored in the NAS.
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    Similar issue

    How do you get your iTunes on to your NAS so it updates as you update the library on your Mac, or is that not how it works?

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