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"We are Apple" 1984 Shareholders meeting video

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, May 12, 2006.

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    That song was hilarious.

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    AJ Muni

    Wow...they made it look like the computer was SOO portable...I wonder how much it weighed :confused:
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    AJ Muni

    I got it stuck in my head! :eek:
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    Me too! I think they should bring it back. :)
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    That was great!
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    name that decade!

    that was just so incredibly, unbelievably 80s. Truly, I'm flabbergasted.
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    OK, that was AWESOME.

    THAT should be Apple's new ad campaign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WE ARE APPLE!!!!!!
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    Play the video backwards, you'll hear "XEROX PARC? No. We were first... bitches."

    I was clapping to the beat the whole time.
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    that song was definitely too long.
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    I saw the movie a couple of months ago... I can't believe apple paid people to make a song for them... The movie quaility must have really degraded over time... And that song....its soo annoying :D
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    Hahaha, ouch.

    Wasn't this already posted a while back? Still "fun" to watch though. :D
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    Yeah, it was posted, sometime last summer.

    Jeez I wonder how dated their stuff from now will seem in 20 years.
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    They actually had several songs written about them in the '80s. I had them on my old hard drive that crashed a while back, so unfortunately I don't have them anymore... But they're all equally bad.
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    That's the short version. The full song runs about 6:50!
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    Love that video. :)

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