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We are so Lucky

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by MacMall, May 16, 2005.

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    This is my first post,
    My name is Jeremy and I just want to say that we people (who have Macs) that just how lucky we are that we compute with the best OS, that we are given excellent hardware and given a choice from the windows world I have a 1.8 dual and it rocks and I love it, its the best for multimedia and well its not that big of a gamer machine it makes it up for stability and a kick ass OS. So if you ever feel like bitching go to windows forums. Thanks for reading have a great Mac experience and never follow the leader be a leader take chances.

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    What inspired you to choose the name MacMall? Not to appear condesending (what I would give for edesignuk's picture), but it's the name of a store.
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    mad jew

    Welcome to the community. I'm glad you love your Mac, we love ours too. :)

    Although, to be honest, sometimes we fall out and we don't speak to our Mac for a little while because we think she has done something wrong but we usually end up forgiving her because she's so beautiful.
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    He's an old school rapper you should download some of his songs:) if you all ready bought his album:) of course. I just think people take their Mac experience for granted its tough to get used to a new OS but it’s worth it.
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    I talk to my iMac G5.... she doesn't listen. I starting talking and she ramps up the fan speed so she won't hear me.

    *sigh* I ordered the iMac G5s the day it came out and I'm just now taking it into service. Well, it's actually my GFs altought I paid for it. CD hardware test showed failures, I think using the iMac so much and not getting the problem fixed (it iMac ran hot and loud), may have caused damage.

    I'm tempted to put it the oven and burn it and say "OMG my iMAC overheated, guess you'll have to send me a rev b"

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