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We Farm

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by o JRoD o, Jul 28, 2010.

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    o JRoD o

    A spin off from We Rule, We Farm releases tomorrow.


    Looks like they are also releasing a game called We City later this year.
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    Downloaded we farm tonight. Similar to we rule of course...keeps me busy
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    Just downloaded.

    Add me: dynamyk
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    We Farm after You Rule

    Wow! Just when I've almost run We Rule to the ground . . . We Farm comes along. I really like this game! :D
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    I'll add you :)
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    Add me: shifty420
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    I've added you guys.... blazew0n
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    I wonder if it will lock up as often as We Rule once you get a lot of stuff going on? That is why I deleted We Rule, constant crashes.
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    DaBrain8. ;):D:)
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    Try We Rule Gold for the ipad. I started having some issues and switched to the gold version and all is good.

    You won't lose any data as all your game info resides on the game server and not your iPad. ;)
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    I always have used gold but with the latest update they recommended to switch to the regular version. (it was posted on ngmoco facebook page)
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    Is there any way to disable the audio in this (or We Rule for that matter)? I'm guessing not. Would like to be able to have the app open and listening to iPod without having to hear the game music.

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