We have produced over 3000 points daily for 6 Days!

Discussion in 'Distributed Computing' started by Stelliform, Apr 3, 2003.

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    Check out our numbers here.

    Also welcome to our new members

    on 4/2


    on 4/3


    The most amazing thing is that we have already surpassed 3000 points today and it is only 1pm. Yesterday we barely made 3000 points by midnight. Keep up the good work! And keep crunching!
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    that's good news, and it's nice to see more new folders, though the only name I recognise from here is scemo.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Wow, that's really impressive. I'd love to find a few more machines to sign up, but I just don't have any at work that I can use. I should try and convince some of my coworkers to do it -hmmm, might give that one a try.

    D :D
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    Ok, I'm interested, but I'm not sure what I'd have to do.

    I have a 1gig TiBook. There are lots of times at home where it could be folding, but I tend to shut it when I'm not using it.

    In addition, I take it to work where I don't have an internet connection (I have to use my PC due to a novel firewall), so it could fold here, but it would be unable to connect back to the folding site until that evening.

    Any advice?
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    I wouldn't do it on a TiBook. My 667 heats up at the drop of a hat (well, more like 3 or 4 applications) and I'm quite certain it would run it's ass off, but heat up a lot. :(

    and when the hell will my activity show up?! :rolleyes:
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    Mr. Anderson

    I run on my 667 TiPB no problem...

    what's you folding name eye? You should have completed a few WUs by now...

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    I fold on a tibook too (rev a 500MHz). The fan runs most of the time, but i figure it's hardly going to do any damage. The 1GHz model actually runs cooler that mine though, so mcrain should be fine.

    Mcrain> What i'd suggest is that he keeps it folding whilst at work (or wherever else he may be using it), and then connect to the internet at home to send the results/receive a new wu. It's not at all essential to send results immediately upon finishing them. It can just wait 'till you're next online.
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    I am in the exact same situation with my TiBook. I leave it on at night folding, (Plugged and the fan running all night) and I stop folding at work. I would recommend the console version.

    The graphic version was significantly slower for me. Also check out Rower's FAQ if you want to know anything. I used it to get setup on the console version...

    Hope you join us!
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    okay, i have a folding question that i might as well bring up now... i'm on a 400Mhz iMac... i ran the screensaver client at first, and it produced a workunit every week or so. Then i switched to the background version (without terminal open) and in the last 4-6 weeks, it's produced two units. The current unit has been chugging away for at least 3 weeks alone, and i'm starting to get worried... i realize the units can vary in size, but is this at all reasonable??


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    I think it's reasonable. If you can look up the protines it was crunching then, and the ones it is crunching now, you can see the difference in time, and points on some page at the F@H website. I can't find it now, but it's there...
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    I am about to pass 600 points. I only made it to 500 a couple days ago. Thought I'd share that.

    I'm coming after everyone in the 600 - 700 range. You guys are toast! :)

    I'm glad to be a part of such a respectable team.

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    Team Austech.Info here we come! Less than 12 hours to leave them in the dust!

    I'm coming up on my 500th point. I was proud to have passed arn up for about 6 hours and actually break into the top 50. It was a nice stay, but too many powerhouses keep bumping me down again!

    I can't wait for the altivec core to come out!
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    Just wanted to point out that we have sumbitted over 4000 points today!!!! :eek:

    Whatever y'all are doing, keep it up!!!
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    is there any way to view what members have submitted how many WUs daily? I want to see who the main power houses are.
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    Check here.
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    33rd Place!!

    Looks like we've finally made it into 33rd place... Team Austech.Info are nicely toasted.
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    Good job while i am away!

    Just wanted to say keep it up

    I'm still in D.C and things are going okay... I guess I post more when I get back :D

    See yah later. ;)

    4000 points a day! kicken!
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    Re: 33rd Place!!

    That's even with the highest I've seen ever for this team.
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    G4Scott, I noticed that and I seem to be goin gup the board at an equal rate. However, since receiving my PSU upgrade from apple My dual 1gig MDD runs as smooth as silk so it will now be folding 24/7 (or whenever I'm not in os 9 runnn gmusic apps).
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    I turned in my first WU a little over a week ago or something with my old 400mhz iMac, and it's almost done with it's second now. Yesterday I got my new 17" iMac! :D I will run F@H as often as I can spare it + my old iMac running 24/7. Our output is incredible! Keep it up!
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    is that it???

    i looked at the frame sizes and none are above 400... but my machines have all at one time finished a 500, 600, or 700 one (not sure about 700, I think I might have dreamed that one :).

    - bert
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    Lay Off The ______ (Drug)
    *cough* ;)

    No really there are no bigger frames than 400. Maybe your thinking of the name of the protein...
    Such as 'p720_ABeta17-42' has only 100 Frames.
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    My work reports often say something put of 600. In the form 577/600.

    This is not the # of frames?
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    Post your print out... 600 frames is really weird... are you sure your folding... not G@H ?

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