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We need categories in the apps section

Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by OMN, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. OMN
    macrumors newbie

    this is the direct list from iPhone app store this would make it so much more effective when looking trough this mess

    • BOOKS
    • FOOD & DRINK
    • GAMES :D
    • MUSIC
    • NEWS
    • SPORTS
  2. Moderator


    Staff Member

    Do you want these as subforums or prefixes? Also, what to do about apps that have multiple categories? (App developers are given the option of a second category for their apps.)
  3. macrumors demi-god


    So you want to create an even bigger mess? Those categories are bogus. There are countless apps that appear in categories that don't make sense, apps that could logically appear in multiple categories, and categories such as Lifestyle, Utilities and Productivity that are too vague. I think it's a terrible idea.
  4. OMN
    macrumors newbie

    Thanks for the reply
    I would think that a subforums in my opinion would do a great deal of cleaning as stated some apps maybe a 2 categories. So would really depend on the end user to post an example like
    (I mean no promotion of any app when I mention it at all, and I have not done the research to make it clear that the app mentioned is that of the category I’m saying )
    TEXTPICS(app) some may consider it photography because its text formatted to look like pictures other may consider it social networking because they use it on site like twit and face.
    It’s kind of endless yes? But as long as the simple idea remains that Angry birds is a game not a Finance app the idea for this post could help the forums and end users find useful info and converse in the most simplistic way.


    Honestly i know i am wasting my time replying, but why not try and be a bit helpful we have computer's and tech in common if not then love for the site why not make a small attempt in improving on an idea platform insted of bashing it. i'll take you vague remark and just say why not make a category involving all of them and have the end user state what does this person feel this is more of Lifestyle, Utilities and or Productivity in the catergoire L.U.P
  5. macrumors demi-god


    Just because I my opinion differs from yours doesn't make my post any less helpful than yours.
    Why should I try to improve what I consider a bad idea?
    It would make it much more difficult when browsing the forums. You'd have to look in multiple sub-forums to find app-related threads that are of interest, rather than just looking through one forum. In addition, as I said before, many categories are too vague to ensure the right placement of threads. Many questions relate to more than one app, and many apps apply to more than one category. I think it would spawn more duplicate threads and posts and more confusion than the current organization.
  6. macrumors 68020


    If all apps were in one category, and that category had clear definitions of what it should contain, then I'd say have at it. But, because many app developers don't put their apps in (IMO) the correct category, and those categories have very vague descriptions, I don't think it would work well.
  7. OMN
    macrumors newbie

    We never know usless we try
  8. Moderator


    Staff Member

    Given the amount of work setting up the subforms and the work required to maintain so many new sub-forums, I'd say discussing this suggestion and determining whether is feasible and warranted is needed before implementing it

    As for the idea itself, I'd say creating so many sub-forums will not lead to further discussions but rather impede them. Less is more in many cases
  9. macrumors demi-god


    The forums are mostly fine the way they are and we don't need to add undue complication to them.
  10. macrumors Nehalem


    Maybe not adding categories but what about prefixes? IE:
    [GAME] Cut the Rope Slaughterhouse 5 Edition
    [BUSINESS] MoneyBag Pro

    Etc., etc. It's left up to the user to define the prefix (like the marketplace) and if it doesn't fit then oh well, really.

    Edit: I saw this was recommended, I think it's a great idea.
  11. macrumors demi-god


    Prefixes would be a better solution, I agree.
  12. Moderator


    Staff Member

    Prefixes would be better, imo, but should they be voluntary or mandatory?
  13. macrumors Nehalem


    They're not mandatory in the marketplace, are they? There's no need for them to be required, just there for those who wish to further identify their app at a glance.
  14. OMN
    macrumors newbie

    A guy with an Idea

    I wish more people would take into the account that the ideas come from users and many people do not understand terminology, of someone in the technical field. the only thing i could relate to is that of ( i think it was) subcategory. The push to close idea's and seemingly censoring people with ideas and post makes it an unwelcoming environment or not giving a turn around time to fix a label made is confusing to understand. i've only been here a few day and feel like a victim of people who moderate the site and edit information on it.

    If you feel you can improve on the idea then great were working together but to call something bad and close or try and push someone out is horrible !
  15. Administrator


    Staff Member

    I'm not sure I understand this post, but no one is pushing or closing anyone or anything out. No one is being censored.

    You've got three moderators (and now one administrator) involved in the discussion you've started, as well as other members. You can't expect that everyone necessarily will agree with you.

    Are you saying that when you wrote "category", you didn't mean "sub-forum"? In that case I can agree with you that some sort of categorisation is perhaps possible. We can create a set of prefixes with some general labels (though not as long as the list you suggest above, simply for practical reasons having to do with the user interface - it would just seem way too long).

    The advantage of prefixes is that (if everyone uses them, or if they're required to start a thread) members can search the forum based on a specific prefix, and in that way get a list that is pretty well tailored to their interests.

    From what's been posted already, though, it seems like the prefixes shouldn't necessarily be based on Apple's own categories, since apps aren't always placed in a sensible category.

    What about:


    etc? If we for example keep the list to 6 or 7, what would your choices be?
  16. macrumors demi-god


    I usually follow the mantra of "less is more" and seek to simplify rather than add complexity

    A few optional prefixes might be OK, but to create true subForums would be drastic overkill IMO
  17. Moderator


    Staff Member

    I'd be in favor of non-mandatory prefixes (from a select list). If it must be mandatory, then an Other category must be an option.

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