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We need more then just android and ios to be successful

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by flyguy206, Mar 23, 2012.

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    We need a third player in the game now to get some real innovation. Because right now everything is based on brand loyalty. IOS people are not going to switch to Android and Android people are not going to switch to IOS.
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    What did ya have in mind? BlackBerry? ;)
  3. ap3604, Mar 23, 2012
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    Windows Phone 7.
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    WP 7 is a fantastic OS.
    It still has it's drawbacks right now in the app support department, but the OS is smooth as silk.
    I have a 3GS, an SGS2 Skyrocket and a Focus and I can tell you that WP 7.5 holds its own against the others.

    The apps for WP7 are getting better and more plentiful everyday.
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    That's odd. I hear about this happening every day, including on these very forums as well as Android ones.
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    yeh if Windows get's more backing for dev development it'll be great, I mean it's an excellent and unique OS right now, but doesn't have a fraction of the dev support Android/iOS does. But I see Windows being the key 3rd player in the future. BB is just antiquated, hate using the phones even, when GF's new bold broke a few months ago for work, was an easy choice to swap instead for the 4S.
    Funny I remember switching, my phones must be invisible though and imagined it all in my head :rolleyes:
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    Fanboys are stuck on brand loyalty. The rest of us use whatever works best for us at that moment in time. Plenty have certainly switched and will switch in the future.
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    Apparently Windows Mobile 8 will be more open in terms of app development, meaning it will be much easier for developers to port games. Only then do I see Windows Mobile becoming a major player. But only if they get it right, and manage to get a foothold. There have been too many false starts, and the public are wary.

    I would like to see it do well enough to help push Apple along.
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    As both an iOS and Android user I'm becoming more and more tempted by windows. So for me there already is a third player.
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    Care to back up that statement?
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    I had high hopes for Nokia [ long time Symbian S40/S60 user ] with Meego.. :( but oh well.. Windows it is.. for now!

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