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Web Gallery's anyway to set these options?

Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by Dorfdad, Jul 12, 2008.

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    Couple of questions I cant seem to find the answers for.

    #1. Can I set a default style for the galleries? If so where?

    #2. Can I create a ROOT folder like Family Pictures and under that put different events and than Have a root folder called Hot Chicks and put all my secret pictures under that folder? (PS. Ill send the link to you :) but they are not any hot chicks in it :)

    #3. I swear I read somewhere that with the Iphone I can take a picture and have it upload it to my Gallery from the Iphone but I can not find how or any info on it..

    Thanks In Advance

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    To upload from the iPhone, you need to create a Web Gallery and I THINK you need to checkmark allow for uploading through email. That's how I got mine to work and was able to upload a picture.
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    figured out the deal on #1 you must have on the Iphone you Me.com setup or the button does not show up..

    The rest Im still stuck on.

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