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Discussion in 'Community' started by firewire2001, May 17, 2002.

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    has anyone made any REAL good websites they can brag about... i mean, of course macrumors is a great site, arn ;) ... ir jus any site you think is worth lookin gat that you made? :)

    i am workin on a few different site ideas now.. so i dont have anything to show off..

    hey, or has anyone ever made a really big commercial site.. like yahoo's? or apple's?

    jus wonderin :D
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    Mr. Anderson

    I really like my flossing website, it just plain silly, but looks good too. Everyone I've talked to loves it. Check out the Floscars in particular. We're in the process of updating the site, and I'll most likely move it over to a flash GUI, a little slicker in terms of presentation, but the overall design will stay close to what it is now.

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    Ensign Paris

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    my site has gone down hill ...... it's gone
    check homepage.mac.com/mac_15
    I was going to make something nice in PS but other things kept me back
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    Ensign Paris

    When I set out to design a site for somebody else I find it really easy to come up with design idea, when ever I have tried to come up with a design for myself I have come up with awesome designs but I have never done anything with them, mostly because I can't be bothered :) When Homepage and mac.com came about I used this to create myself a site that I didn't have to bother with design it can be found at http://homepage.mac.com/guywickenden/

    Let me know what you think :)

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    Nifty work with Photoshop Ensign
    and I heard you are 15 years old.... I had always thought you were way older
    I'm only 16... and I thought I was youngest on macrumors
  7. arn
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    my first real website was http://www.weeno.com

    I learned PHP3 and mySQL while making it.

    still up, but not updated.

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    well, i've never made a website. but one that i really like is Kalibur 10000
    they've been down for a while, making a few changes. i just checked them the other day, and they were back up!!:D
    other sites i really like are deviant art.com
    i like them all because they are updated just about daily. i can't stand a site that just sits there, really annoys me. i also like deviant art and customize.org because they have some really good wallpapers.:D there are heaps of other sites i visit every day or two, but i won't go on.:p
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    weeno hey
    It looks pretty simple.... did you use like quark/dreamweaver/indesign for the HTML or did you learn it from scratch and used bbedit
  10. arn
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    parts of it was golive, I think...

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    heh... im thirteen

    im workin on a new site now (since i first created the thread)... its not much yet.. nad its really laggy since i host it by myslef for now off my pc -- also, my pc is sometimes off so...

    but here it is... http://ishkabibble.dyndns.biz/dream

    basically it doesnt have too much of a purpose so far.. im gonna teach myslef php and sql while making the logins and stuff... i think im gonna make it into a web photo service or sumthin.. for my friends... i really have no really good ideas yet.

    i almost completely hand coded it (well, basically i did) and then went to dream to adjust colors cause they have built in color charts and stuff
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    Mr. Anderson

    Not a bad start, you might want to see how the imagery comes out as .jpgs. Since they are busy enough and have quite a few colors, they might end up looking a lot better and not have any rasterization ( on the atoms). Play around in photoshop to get the best results, and you might find that the files size will be much smaller.

    Keep up the good work.
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    hey thanks a lot duke :D ...

    really means a lot coming from a guy like you...

    i really outta mess around a bit in ps, your right -- even with a fast host, the quicker, the better

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