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Webcam quality

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by redlob, Jul 22, 2011.

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    Just got myself a 13" i5 MBA and I already like it very much, except for one thing: the webcam. Man, this thing is horrible compared to my late 2006 MBP... it gives a grainy/unfocused image. My MBP is very crisp, and shows much more detail.

    Anyone else experiencing this ?
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    They can't put the current camera's in there due to the thinness of the screen.
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    I still don't get why people NEED a nice webcam. Sure it's nice to have better image quality but unless your internet is fast and you're using it for business, what's the point?

    And you can always get an HD webcam to attach on. With a laptop this thin what do you expect?
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    There are a lot of things people don't need. I mean if you're paying $1200+ on a laptop, you would sort of hope the camera would at least match your cellphone cam.
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    Good point. You are shelling out the cash. As a side note, I was face timing with the gf yesterday and I thought the quality was very good, if not respectable at worst. Just my opinion though.

    2011 13'' MBA
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    At the same time, it's definitely not a dealbreaker for me and to be honest.. I've yet to even receive my international shipment yet for my BTO ;p

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