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WebCamera For Powerbook G4?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by AlphaJimmy, Jun 2, 2009.

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    I'm looking to use a webcam for my Powerbook G4. I have an EyeToy usb camera but I can't seem to get that to work for any of my programs such as iMovie 09 and other iLife applications. I either want to know where I can get a camera that will work with this computer (That isn't very expensive) or how I can get my eye toy to work with everything. Please help.
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    Thanks! Does anybody have experience with this webcam? Anybody know if it works with mac?
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    Any old iSights laying around....
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    I don't have an old iSight laying around, if anybody happens to have one, maybe we can work something out?
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    For my PB I used (without issue) a XBox Live Cam. They can be had new on eBay for $20 shipped.
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    Jessica, was it just a plug in and go? Or did you have to use more applications to hack the camera and what not?
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    Oh yes, it was. I used it frequently with:
    iChat AV (both on Tiger and Leopard)
    Delicious Library (as a scanner)
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    So I could just buy one, plug it in, and the wah-lah it just works fine?
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    macam has drivers for a lot of USB webcams.


    EyeToy is on their list of supported devices. No guarantees, but it's worth a try since you have the camera already. I used to use macam for Skype on my Powerbook with a Quickcam Pro 4000 and I still use it on my desktop. I have never tried it in any iLife applications, but I think it would work since it is a Quicktime plugin.
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    I just tried it with Macam and nothing seemed to detect the camera, I don't know whats the problem? The only thing I could see the camera working with was when I pressed the play button on macam. Nothing else.
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    I use a Hue HD with my Macs. The big question is, what version of OSX are you running on that? A lot of the cameras weren't supported very well until Tiger.
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    IM running 10.5.7
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    I had a PS2 EyeToy, and I'm pretty sure I had that going with my PowerBook G4 Skype.
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    I use that and my webcam doesn't work in Apple-made software, like iLife or Photo Booth :)
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    I just tried it in Photo Booth and it works for me. Maybe it depends on the camera. Did you copy the macam.component package into /Library/QuickTime?
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    Yup, did everything it required. I think it is device-specific as my camera kinda goes mental with its light flashing before a black screen is shown in Photo Booth.

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