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WebObjects is now bundled with Xcode

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jun 7, 2005.

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    And that means, free to all Tiger users? Or the full Xcode package not on the Tiger DVD, you must buy it?
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    it comes on all tiger install dvds.

    wait a minute...didn't webobjects used to cost 50 bucks or so?
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    Free as in beer

    WebObjects appears to be free as in beer, because it is on the Disk Image designated to be XCode 2.1 availible for all apple developer connection members (even those with free accounts).

    Am I mistaken, or wasn't WebObjects a $1000 program, but then price dropped to $100? And now its free? I wonder why.
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    I don't have the readme in front of me, but when I looked at it while installing XCode 2.1 last night it said that WebObjects was an update that required an older version to be installed.
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    I see. In that case, I guess it doesn't mean WebObjects ending as a commercial product.
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    Well now their saying he was right... now I gotta redownload it to find out.
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    WebObjects 5.2 (which you still need if you want to develop on Windows or Solaris) still sells for $699 at the Apple Store.
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    And it just happens to be included with the Xcode 2.1 download image.

    Version 5.2

    It starts up just fine. It's not an updater, I never previously had WebObjects.

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    It used to cost 50 THOUSAND bucks, then they dropped it to $699. How would you like to be the chump that bought the last of the $50,000 versions?!

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