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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by marchcapital, Apr 8, 2006.


Is this site? (effectivness, pleasing to the eye)

  1. Top notch! Very Proffesional!

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  2. Very nice! Just a changes could be made.

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  3. Fugly! Almost blinding!

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    I can't take my eyes off the attrocious logo of doom. Otherwise it looks fine for the type of site it is.
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    lol it is the logo of doom...ive been telling the ppl that...there close to changing it i think:confused:
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    I really like it! I actually want to buy a couple lamps/furniture. too bad there are no prices or customizable pieces (ie black leather instead of 'chocolate') nice job.

    The 'O' has to go. Give the whole logo a more 3D effect, bevel it, emboss it, something, for a website that looks that nice, the logo is the only sore spot :)
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    It is certainly not a bad site at all. I don't care about the logo either.
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    How about opening it in Photoshop and filling with white as a good start. :p
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    Just try scalling down the "O" on the tittle or make it smoother.
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    Makes a good starting impression. Yet, from all the UI testing that I do, I have seen interest dropping to almost zero among users the minute they realize a site is no more than one click deep. Right after that, they will even find the transparent product info. rather annoying.
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    didn't we do this site before march? Why bring it up again? I'm guessing your client wants you to copy it exactly or something because you keep referring to it's style.
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    I think it looks like one huge pop-up ad.
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    The poll doesn't really give you many options - it goes from great to very good to unacceptable. Where is the choice for "eh, it's aight."?

    Anyway - the logo is horrendous, like mentioned before, and overall it feels too loose. I know that it is supposed to be open and airy, but the proportions and layout are just too loose.

    I can't really explain - you can tell it is trying to emulate a style, rather than having one.
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    I think it's just a little too 'ham-handed', especially the big type elements. They just don't seem crafted very well. The photography is nice, the typography is not.
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    Not knowing an awful lot about webdesign but a lot about shopping (!) I am able to offer a consumer viewpoint.

    The actual design (including the O which I like?!) is very striking and I like it! However as somebody mentioned, the fact that there are no pricing, product information, ordering or anything more than one click deep mean that I am likely to google for other home furnishing (etc) online emporiums.

    It's basically a huge advertisement, and nothing more. it doesn't serve a purpose. Also, I was trying to click on the three blobs in the top right to take me to the "home" page of the relevant such transfer occured.

    Nice design, work to do...

    EDIT : it appears MarchCapital has been banned...

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