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Website template?

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development (archive)' started by Mala, Jan 22, 2004.

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    Is there any software with templates for simple websites?

    I want to make a site to advertise my business, an editing service, so I need a simple template with a few buttons on the side, a way to put in some illustrations, PDFs, Word files and so on as samples of work, an email-me encrypted so it won't bring in spam, and the ability to bring in a form for Realex, a European equivalent of PayPal.

    Thought I had it in the form of Macromedia Contribute2, but I've given up trying to use this, alas.

    Is there any other software that can offer this?
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    well, with the list you have there it sounds like you want a custom website...

    sorry, but as a designer of many years i can say that templated website stuff give you just that...templates and nothing more...

    however, if you are handy with graphics and a little code you could create something really good with MovableType (http://www.movabletype.org)...

    otherwise, pay the $1,000 and get exactly what you want/need or you'll easily waste that amount in time trying to do it yourself...

    good luck...v
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