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Weird buzzing sound from the screen of a PB G4 12"

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by kylera, Apr 5, 2012.

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    Every now and then, regardless of what I'm doing at the time, there is this weird buzzing noise, which goes away either by itself after a few seconds, or if I touch the screen. The Book is still useable, it's just a tad annoying. Does anyone have or has anyone had such a symptom?
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    The sound that your hearing, if its a buzzing/wizzing sound is probably the capicators starting to crap out, or possibly the inverter.

    Exact same thing happened to a Alienware Laptop I had for a few years, screen s tarting making exactly the same sound, went out a few weeks later.
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    Huh. I guess my capacitors must be going down with a fight. My Book has been buzzing for more than a year!
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    99% it's inverter. It could work like that for another year ;)
    Simply wait until it will die, then replace the inverter.
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    If only I had nimble fingers like most modders, I would dare try....:(

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