weird Itunes problem. Ipod classic 80g

Discussion in 'iPod' started by CGC13, Oct 8, 2007.

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    or, atleast I find it weird.

    Just got a brand new Ipod Classic 80g.
    I plug it into my XP pro PC open up Itunes
    Itunes asks if I want to register the ipod, I say "continue" and I get this message:
    "Your request cannot be completed. Make sure your computer's date is set correctly and that it accepts cookies from the itunes music store....."

    OK. So I refreshed the time, allowed cookies, lower privicy setting, and make sure I'm logged into Itunes store....still the same trouble.
    Even if I "register later" I get that message and cannot SEE the Ipod's library.

    I can add files all I want, but Itunes will not show the Ipod library to edit or apply settings.

    When I plug the Ipod into my laptop, it works perfectly (doesn't ask to register though)....

    any ideas? Thanks!
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    Oh, and yes, I've installed the new Ipod update.

    still not working properly.
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    maybe it the xp pro pc not the ipod of itunes :(:(
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    Thanks for your reply.
    It's very possible.
    Though, I should have mentioned this is my 3rd Ipod, before the other 2 (nano, ipod Gen 5.5) were stolen, they worked properly with my PC.
    Of course PC do suck.
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    Try a HDD format again on the ipod, that usually will sort out problems...

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