Weird traceroute: OSX dont work, Win7 works.

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    Look, i play minecraft in my macmini. So, sometimes i cant reach the server.

    I run traceroute in terminal and they fail at some hop.

    But, when i try traceroute in Win7 (dual boot) they reaches the server!

    Same happen to too.

    I already tested with my two macs and (both clean install and updated) and they show same results: in osx my routes fail, but in windows they works.

    Anyone know something about it? it's a kind of bug? (new bug perhaps?)

    (This mincraft server are brazilian)

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    Windows tracert uses ICMP (ping). Unix traceroute uses UDP. If something is filtering UDP packets, the Window tracert will work when a Unix traceroute will not.

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    No ones is filtering.

    Here i have one Thomson Speedtouch ADSL routed and ive changed his firewall to off.

    At Mac OS, Firewall still disabled too.
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    I did not mean to imply that the possible filter was under your control. The eighth host in your traceroute might be the culprit.

    In any case, try:

    traceroute -P icmp address-of-your-server

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    Yeah... i try traceroute -I IP and works... but how make OSX use ICMP instead UDP?!
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    These programs like aren't using ICMP for connectivity, except for a ping to determine latency. All connections will be either TCP (likely) or UDP.

    Therefore, testing a traceroute is not really valid. You want to test the TCP connectivity to the host in question.

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