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Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by mathewmammen, Feb 5, 2008.

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    I'm not sure if this is the right section, so please do forgive me if it is.
    I was watching independance day the other day again for the 3 millionth time and i noticed that when they get into the alien spaceship, the guy turns on his mac notebook and it says "good morning, dave" i was just wondering if that was possible to do it in apple scripts and if so what would the program script be? If there indeed is an app that will do it could someone please tell me about it. I know that there is something that says hello after you log into OSX but i wanted one that would do it when you switch your computer on.:apple:

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    You could write a login item:
    Create an AppleScript with:
    say "Hello, Mathew"
    Then go into System Preferences->Accounts->Your user->Login Items
    Click the '+' and select your AppleScript.

    (Or something along the lines of that -- if its not exact it should at least get you on the right foot)
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    sord, your suggestion is right. But it works only at the time of login. but it should happen whenever mac is opened (irrespective of logged in/out)
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    i want it to say that to me, everytime i press the power button. And it should be programmed in such a way that if its powered on in the morning it will say good morning. I want it to be there instead of the chimes that you hear when you normally switch the mac on.
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    That single chime when you have the grey screen with the apple on it on boot?

    You can't change that as far as I'm aware, although you can mute it.
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    I added the apple script to login items. When ever I am logging, the script is running, instead it is opening in the script editor. Will I have to change the mode of apple script......etc........

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