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Were Have all the Cases Gone???

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by jfyrfytr25, Jun 12, 2010.

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    Stopped by the Apple store on my way home from work yesterday to pick up a travel type case for my iPad and keyboard dock. When I got there the wall that had been dedicated to ipad cases was gone. filled in with the docks and the VGA connectors. thinking it was odd i asked where they were and the employee said they were told to pack them all up and send them back earlier this week. She said she had no idea why.

    So today, I go to a different store here in the chicagoland area and low and behold, the same thing with the same answer when I asked.

    I thought it was weird. Anyone got any info on it?

    PS i did a couple searches to see if this had been brought up but did not find anything. Sorry if I missed it.
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    I haven't heard of this, but my only assumption is that apple is trying to get into the case game. They already pulled all the screen protection films stating that their products didn't need it.

    They have their own cases for the ipad and now the iPhone 4 bumper.

    Just my guess
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    I was in two different stores last weekend in the Minneapolis area. They had cases, but their selection sucked. Incase neoprene sleeves in any color you wanted as long as it was hot pink.

    Maybe it means they finally have Apple cases or are supporting different brands.

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    WOW i was just in there today, and i thought about that too. strange..
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    Very possible that they want the monopoly on cases. Just thought it wierd that they have had a whole wall section devoted to them since launch and then one day NONE!!!!! it's not like they replaced them with all Apple branded cases. there are NO CASES.

    just seems like a bad move especially for new ipad buyers, when i buy a new product I want a case for it now, not later.
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    Was in an Apple Store yesterday, and had the same thought, not one iPad accessory in the store
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    Just left Mall of America Apple Store. NO CASES! Asked nor of the dudes and he said they just disappeared and he hadn't gotten around to asking why.


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    Yeah...was at the Victoria Gardens (So Cal) store yesterday, not a single iPad case in the store. Kinda feel bad for people buying new iPad's with not a single option of protection to buy in store.. very strange. It had me thinking about that idea of them getting rid of ALL third party cases and strictly going first party only. Man, that eliminates a TON of wall-space, too much even. I however didn't ask about it, it was a madhouse in there as usual..
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    Got tired of checking so I asked. A "Genius" told me they packed up what they had in stock and won't be selling any until Apple case can be in stock.
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    I wonder if that means when the apple case is abundant all the third parties will return, or if it means the only case they will have Is the apple case when it becomes available?

    Either way, WIERD!!!!!!!!
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    stopped by another apple store today and asked what happened. The response was that there have been numerous complaints about the 3rd party cases not fitting the ipad well. people were purchasing them and returning them because they don't fit right, so they pulled them all and retuned them to the MFG and told to do a better job.

    seems plausible seeing as I have purchased a few cases: the incase sleeve, the incase slip with zipper, the apple case, and the belkin grip vue.

    the 2 incase products were disappointing. the sleeve was very snug to the point I thought i might damage my ipad te got it on and off. the zippered one was very loose, like it had been made for something else and they just threw it in.

    the apple case and the belkin I thought were pretty good though.
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    Interesting how there are a couple different responses. While there is a case shortage...I on the other hand have an abudance. Just ordered my 5th case not including the two I need to return!

    Couldn't resist a black macaly book stand and an apple iPad case from the forums for 35 bucks!
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    I bet shipments got lost since Apple started using UPS :D
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    I had to order mine from apple.com. My apple iPad case finally came today. 3 weeks before I called the apple store every day trying to find me an apple iPad case they said they ran out. I went to the apple store today with my new case they had a lot. I was so pissed.
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    If we asked 20 Apple employees we would get 20 different answers.

    The fact of the matter is that Apple has decided to treat their customers in this way. I find it quite interesting. I hope I'm pleased with their solution.
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    am i missing something? why not just look online? options are everywhere.
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    Dude...this is how I have 20 frickin' cases for my iPhone.

    A guy needs to be able to hold them and fondle them and fall in love with them before he makes a decision....otherwise you end up with 20 cases collecting dust in the closet because the weren't the "right" one. :D

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    I hereby retract my statement. A fair response for sure!
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    I was at the Apple store in Oak Brook IL last night, all they had was the Incase leather folio style case, and when I asked "Is that the only iPad case you have in stock?" the Apple employee told me "All of these manufacturers made manufactured these cases before the iPad was released, so fit was an issue with many of the cases, and we were getting too many returns. Apple decided to pull all the cases, send them back. Once they all retool the cases for a better fit, they will all return."

    Take that for what it's worth, but it was his explanation.
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    Same situation in the Apple store in Albuquerque. Only the incase portfolio available there. Also, the selection on the Apple store online is now reduced to five cases...
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    Just a FYI; Best Buy seems to have just a few more cases in stock. Nothing thrilling. Everything I want is on backorder or custom order everywhere. (Vaja, SGP, Dodocase, etc)
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    I got really lucky and got a subpar dodocase - ahaha foamies degraded after 1 day. So I would think twice about the dodocase.
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    Every time I have been to an Apple Store looking at iPad cases, everything they have had has been crap..(they had no Apple branded ones). Maybe they finally realized it was a bunch of junk and are waiting until better ones come out. I would have sent them back too.
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    I was at the Bolyston St. store in Boston last Saturday. They had a lot of the Apple iPad cases stocked on the shelves. I didn't see any 3rd party cases though.

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