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Were is YOUR dock?

Discussion in 'Community' started by dave1234, Jan 17, 2004.

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    Since you can opt to have the dock on which side of the screen you prefer, wondering what people are doing.
    Mine is on the left side, and it is set with fairly small icons and no inflate(or whatever) effect.
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    I'm sure this has been done a million times before...but what the hey...

    Up the left hand side of the left hand screen.


    edit: typo
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    Daveman Deluxe

    Mine is on the right side at the largest possible size.
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    No, it's only been done about 589 times or so. Not quite a million, buster. [​IMG]

    And since it's been done so much, the following Dock thread should be one that goes more like: "Dock customization"

    [ 1 ]: Position
    [ 2 ]: Boarder color (if any)
    [ 3 ]: Dock color (if any)
    [ 4 ]: Items in dock (current, usually, left/right)
    [ 5 ]: Relative dock size fit to screen
    [ 6 ]: Extended dock features/add ons/hackie software

    Well, I'll start:
    [ 1 ]: Bottom, middle
    [ 2 ]: None
    [ 3 ]: None
    [ 4 ]: Currently 10L, 7R. Usually around 7L, 6R
    [ 5 ]: 15 inch monitor, got about 3 or 4cm left on either side.
    [ 6 ]: Transparent Dock and size 9.5 for viewing labels of Dock items

    Note: This thread has just been hi-jacked. [​IMG]
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    Bottom Center. Kind of small, with a tiny bit of magnigication.

    Show/Hide off. No color changes. A slight transparency change.

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    Ive tried my dock elsewhere but it just doesnt seem right so to answer King Cobras questions:

    [1] Bottom, centre
    [2] None
    [3]Standard colour not quite sure what you would call it
    [4] Currently 23L, 3R, Usually about 21L, 2R
    [5] 20" cinema dock takes up a bit under half of the width
    [6]No mods I just love it the way it is, Id like to know if there was anyway to have the small iTunes player in the dock though that would be cool. Sometimes disappears behind my dock which can be annoying
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    Right side. The left side is the visually strongest side (in English, left-to-right language), so active windows should go there; inactive objects, such as icons and docs, should go on the right-hand side. Mac always has put the icons there, but lately Apple's human engineering has been slipping and things have been going all over the place.
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    I'm really impressed by your Screenie, edesignuk. Do you happem to have a dual display? What is that in the center? Who is the young lady?
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    I keep mine hidden on the left hand side of my left screen. I have also changed the positioning on the side from the center to the top of the left side. I changed the background color and outline to clear and took the effects off.
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    Duff-Man says.....left side at the top, although what I would really like is to have it at the bottom right of my left monitor (I use 2 screens) but that is not possible (yet - every OS update I send feedback to Apple requesting this feature).....oh yeah!
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    Got mine on the left. Always shown, with a good amount of magnification. My dock is also completely clear, with a slight grey border.
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    Roger that. To the left using clear dock.
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    bottom center.
    8 things on left:
    - finder, ichat, safari, mail, itunes, acquisition, cpu monitor, clock
    (i will add ical when i am get my pbook)
    3 things on right:
    - folder for application aliases, folder for important docs aliases, trash can
    standard colors
    12" ibook screen, 1024x768
    no magnification
    and inch or two on both sides, dock maybe an inch high
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    Bottom, hiding on (between expose and command+tab, I don't use it much.)

    Today, folding@home earned a position on the dock making for 20 on the left, and three items on the right.

    Totally clear, kinda small with some magnification for show.
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    Bottom Center...
    Had a color... but now refuses to change to it...
    Transparent... um...

    Gives about 1/4 of the screen left of both sides on my iMac screen.
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    why, it's in my... oh, wait, dock. bottom center screen :)

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    Why thank you kind Sir :)

    Yes, it's dual displays, in the center is the iChat Window (which is actually on the left hand side of the right screen), and the young lady is Keira Knightley (she's in my 'tar, and there is a link to the full wallpaper in my sig).

    btw, life size screenie :D
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    bottom cener, no auto hide :D
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    Center right on my 12" PB. Auto-hide activated.

    I found auto-hiding it on the center right gave me "real estate" on my 12" screen which I can use for widgets, downloads, etc. Gives my 12" a 15" look for less money :)

    And, I have no idea what these 10L 6R "relative size" figures are about!
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    [ 1 ]: Right, middle
    [ 2 ]: standard
    [ 3 ]: standard
    [ 4 ]: 33L, 8R.8
    [ 5 ]: Dual Monitors, 1280x960 (right hand 19 inch monitor), full height of screen.
    [ 6 ]: None
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    bottom left. Clear with blue background and green arrows.

    I have Finder, Sys Prefs, iCal, Address Book, Mail, Safari, iChat, MSN Messenger, Xchat aqua, iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, Palm Reader, Applications Folder, Home Folder, Trash.
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    right side...a medium size...none of that zooming stuff when you put your mouse over things...

    i had the finder and the trash can...and active apps and folders when they are "active"...

    i still don't like the dock...v
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    [ pdrayton ] --> I have no idea what these 10L 6R "relative size" figures are about!

    10 on the left side of the dock (to the left of the "divider"), 6 to the right of the divider.

    kettle, "looks" like you gotta clean up your dock. :p :eek: :eek:
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    Down the bottom, like so:

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    on my desktop its in the bottom center...
    no border... no color... [thank goodness for transparent dock]
    small size... max magnification...
    contains most iapps... dreamweaver... protools...
    reason... flash... photoshop...
    no hiding...

    on my powerbook its on the left side center...
    no border... no color...
    small size... max magnification...
    contains most iapps... limewire... terminal... final cut express...
    reason... american mcgee's alice...
    some other stuff comes and goes...
    no hiding...

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