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West 14th Street Store Opening Tonight

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by mrat93, Dec 3, 2007.

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    I'm going to have to pass this time around.
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    In case anybody cares and is willing to believe me...

    I sent this to the admin of ifoapplestore.com:

    I saw a link to this earlier on Apple's start page. However, they have taken it down since then. They showed the various items they would be giving away, odds of winning, and number of those items being given away.. (I am doing this from memory, so I might not be completely accurate.) $10 iTunes gift card: Odds 1:14. iPod Shuffle: Odds 1:24. iPod Touch: Odds 1:100. iMac: 1:1000. MacBook (Pro?): 1:1000. I think there might have been a Mac Mini there too, but I am not sure. There was no mention of AppleTV iPhone, iPod Classic or Nano, or MacPro. Storage in iPod touch was not mentioned, nor were specs of computers.
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    Gonna be there too

    Making the trip from Canada.
    Should leave at 10 30 and arrive at 5 00.
    Don't know what to expect...
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    So who else is coming ???
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    I'm going to be there, but the earliest I can get there is 6. How long do the giveaways last? And I know that's when it opens, but I've never been to an Apple Store opening, so don't know how long the lines are -- how long does it take until you're actually IN the store?
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    West 14th Street Store Opening Tonight


    Apple's West 14th Street Store in New York will have its grand opening tonight at 6 pm EST.

    The store is Apple’s first three-story store with two floors dedicated to products and a third dedicated to services, including a 46-foot Genius Bar and specially designed areas for workshops and personal training.


    ifoAppleStore is on location, and reports on rumors that Apple will be giving out free laptops to the first 10 people in line (there were 62 in line as of their post).

    With the West 14th Street store, there are now 3 New York City stores, including the glass-cube 5th Avenue store and the original SoHo store.

    Article Link
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    I like the usage of the billboards ... very effective!
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    Free laptops my *ss! This is Apple we're talking about, T-shirts and 10% (maybe) off is it.
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    Wow! The giveaway prizes are sweet. I would have never expected them to give away laptops. I thought even iPods would be a stretch. Good luck to those in line!
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    Every site seems to be saying this is the first Apple store with a third story. While this is technically true, the store in Ginza (Japan) has four floors (including a third.)
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    I'm telling you now....I'm WINNING one of those MacBooks. I seriously have to -- the screen on my last one broke, and I haven't been able to replace it.
    So one of those MacBooks is MINE. Just letting people know... :D

    (Ok, I know it's in my dreams...just humor me)
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    wow, free laptops! dang. :eek:

    a three story-building...now why can't there be one of those in Atlanta?
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    Yeah, those billboard signs are killer. Guess I'll have to make a trip to NYC sometime soon. Still have to visit the 5th Ave. store too.
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    I wish I could be there this time! :( Unfortunately I'm stuck at school for the weekend. I attended the Fifth Avenue store's grand opening and had such a great time. I even got to see Steve Jobs a couple times that day.

    Please post plenty of photos and have a great time! :D
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    Someone grab me one of those opening day tshirts;)
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    So... Unapplelike; both the billboards and the building...
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    man, i really wanna go, but no one to go with...

    but free stuff is always tempting...
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    you people know you can order stuff online, right? you don't have to wait in line just to get INTO a store. i mean, if i wait in a line, there better be like a ride at the end of it.
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    Clive At Five

    That staircase is a thing of beauty! Reminds me of the G4 Cube. Why doesn't Apple design beautiful computers anymore? Minimalism is... blah.

    And c'mon, Apple! Minneapolis/St.Paul deserves at least ONE Flagship store. All we have is four severely cramped mall stores. Really. Nicollet Mall is yours for the taking! It has classic architechture, and up-scale retail and dinning, and is right down the road from the IDS. There is no better location for a Flagship store until you hit Chicago.

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    I believe you're ranting to the wrong crowd... ;)
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    Forgive me for being NYC skyline challenged, but would a full moon ever come into play in view with those billboards? That would be a wicked picture if it did.
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    They need to make the Apple stores in/near Seattle bigger

    They need to make the Apple stores in/near Seattle bigger. Right now they are way too small.
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    Clive At Five

    Regarding Apple's boringly-designed computers, or that there should be a Flagship in Minneapolis?

    If in regards to the staircase vs. Apple's design, it's a totally valid opinion and is shared among some of the Mac community. So there. :D


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