Westchester Mall, White Plains, NY

Discussion in 'iPhone Launch Meetups' started by surheeho, Jun 17, 2008.

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    Anyone gonna be at the Apple Store in the Westchester this year for the launch? I'll be there!
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    I plan on being at the Scarsdale ATT store and if they sell out ull being seeing me!
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    anyone else?
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    Anyone try the Westchester Apple Store today?
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    I'll be there for the iPhone 4 launch!

    Anyone have any idea when the lines will start?
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    I will be going to the Westchester also. I called the mall to find out what time they will open the doors to allow the line to start and was told to call the Apple store. Called the Apple store and they said around 5am.
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    So basically, no reason to go b4 5 am? Or would it still be wise to go earlier?
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    I'll be at the Apple Store in The Westchester on launch day around 5AM to pick up my reserved iPhone 4! See you all there :D

    Also @Espo, if you don't have a reservation then yes get there the night before. It can get busy.

    At the original iPhone launch at 6PM I got to the store at 1PM and was #176 in line.
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    Just called the store back, they said the mall hasn't announced what time they will open. The employee said last year they opened 3 hours early to let people in line so he said maybe around 4am. He said call them or the mall back closer to the release date.
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    Thanks. I called the Apple Store also, and they didn't know when the mall would open. I called the mall management Office, but no one picked up the phone.
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    iPhone 4 Release

    I'll be at the Westchester probably sometime around 5:30-6am. Also, just a reminder, make sure to have a printout of your confirmation email. See you all there.
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    1. Do you guys think there's a point of me lining up if I didn't reserve it?
    2. Do you guys think the white iPhone will be released on the day of for purchase?
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    I would go, but I'm having it shipped. Definitely find out what time they are opening the mall.
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    1. Yes, depending on the time you get there. Early, yes. 7am, no.
    2. This is what I'm doing. Apple stores should get shipment by Wednesday & they should have an invoice of white or black. So I will call & ask. If they do, I'll be there @ 12am.
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    dude the westchester has had iphones every year for the past 3 years all the way up to the weekend

    get there for 6am and youll have yourself a phone
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    You think? Even considering how popular this new iPhone is?

    Idk how popular the Westchester Apple store is.
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    it wont make a difference because dont forget you might see less people than you think because of the Verizon iPhone rumors. Lots of people are waiting.

    the westchester every year has had iphones up to sunday

    im sure they will plenty of first come stock

    ill be there for 6am just so i can grab a phone sooner than later :D
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    i preordered from ATT to ship to my house, but after I activate it ill be on the way to the bestchester mall for my white bumper!

    btw do you guys think they'll have white bumpers on launch day or should i not even waste my time?
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    Just called the mall and they said they will open the doors at 6:30 am to start letting people in.
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    I called also and was told that there would be security there to make sure everything runs smoothly. They also told me that u can't camp out in the mall. THe guy at the management office told me that u also can't block the parking lot, so IDK if that means the parking lots will be open or not...
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    One more new time, left a comment on The Westchester's facebook page and they replied that the mall will now open at 6am.
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    Going to be the first one there...

    I am planning on being there pretty early as I don't have a pre-order for the black phone. I'm still not sold on the black.

    I'm still hopeful they will have the white iPhone. If they don't have the white I may just go back home to bed, not sure yet.

    I'll be watching Shutter Island on my iPad.
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    Same... except no ipad for me.
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    Crazy. yea they said they would have two lines.. i was actually in there pre-ordering my iphone online the other week.. after being annoyed about it not working. the employees were pissed to cause they wanted to pre-order and couldn't lol. I don't mind getting up and making a donut and coffee fun for you all. As long as i don't work i'll let you all know on thursday afternoon
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    Thursday afternoon might be a wee-bit too late my friend.. lol:p

    Im just hoping that they have white, if not.. :mad:

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