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We've done the must have free apps so...

Discussion in 'Product Recommendations/Reviews' started by brsboarder, Dec 1, 2004.

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    What about games, what are you favorite freeware games?
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    Snood. At least, I THINK that is free ware. Or maybe it's share ware. Hmmm.
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  5. Jaz
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    Big Bang Chess, until they smacked a price tag on it.

    Paying is still good for Gamesmith and GNU master level AI but it's very annoying when it starts out free, they make a big deal of it being free, and then they decide to start selling it.
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    Uh, whoops - I missed this was a games thread. Why not put it in the gaming forums?
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    Pocket Tanks

    Free to try... some amount to buy.

    Lots o fun though.

    But Yahoo's Java based games are the best. Free and Fun, and interactive.
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    i agree, but i would also like to add supertux. it is identical to super mario but with the linux penguin instead! its really addictive! and its free!
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    not really an app, but i like isketch!!!
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    Tumiki Fighters
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    There was a great game they made in Classic and I'm not sure if they ever update it...

    Bubble Trouble.

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