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Whale lands on yacht

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Reventon, Jul 21, 2010.

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    see it first on Fail blog too? ;):p

    its pretty crazy, surprised it didn't do more damage.
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    Wow! Who knew whale watching could be so dangerous.:eek:
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    The real Fail Whale!
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    The mother whale is probably scolding his son: "We watch them, we don't poke them"
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    this is why i support whaling. whales can be dangerous creatures and pose risk to human life.
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    So can mice, dogs, cats, birds, potato bugs, shell fish, and peanuts.
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    Wow very lucky and another reason why i won't go on a boat
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    Kill 'em aall, so there is no other incident like this one for another... well, forever!

    You cannot be serious! Should we hunt tigers too, because they are dangerous to humans? By the way, gorillas can be pretty dangerous too.

    In fact, if a panda sits on your face, you might suffocate. Kill them quickly!
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    Heck, humans are an even greater risk to human life! So humans should wipe all humans out so that no more humans can harm humans. As there would be no humans posing a risk to humans:rolleyes:.
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    This is funny, but I hope you are not serious?

    Great shots, I wish there was video of this thou......
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    Humans are 1000000X more dangerous to human life, so I suppose you support hunting down humans, too.

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    That was an awesome story any way you look at it.

    I support whale hunting because they are delicious myself :D
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    Crazy story

    From what I read elsewhere though it might have been their fault as they might have been aggravating the whale. Can't seem to find the link though.
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    What are the odds....
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    Whales are wonderful!! if people don't go to their territory!!!!
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    haha...wow that video is great, but I can't believe they are being investigated for provoking the "attack." Ridiculous!
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    Went whale watching once, the company garenteed a whale sighting. After the whole day of the coast of main I saw a tail... Just a tail. So they are lucky they saw the whole whale. Lol
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    Amazing Iceman

    A lot of humans are more dangerous than whales.
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    "Got a whale of a tale to tell you (ya) lads, a whale of a tale or two...." :p
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    Yikes, never heard of something like that happening before. 1 in 100,000+ odds? Not in the whale's best interests, very unnatural. Wonder if whale thought about how unlucky he was to have a boat get in the way despite being in the vast ocean.
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    Wow, that's really strange.

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