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What accessories would you like to see?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by flopticalcube, Sep 26, 2010.

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    So you have this great iPad but you know it's missing something. What is it?

    I would like to see an angle adjustable dock/stand which recharges, has a USB port for a keyboard, an sd card reader and av out.
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    I would really love that Clam Shell case to be release
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    iPad Cases
    iPad Docks and Keyboards
    iPad Screen Care Kit
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    A screen protector that looks absolutely crystal clear and doesn't attract any fingerprints, whatsoever.
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    A camera attachment for Facetime. That would rock.
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    Apple's case in leather.
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    A stylus with a very fine tip like a pencil that actually works. This would be nice for artists or people that want to hand write notes.

    On that same topic it would be nice if somebody could make a stylus that physically acted like a paint brush. I think this would make an interesting way to paint on the iPad.

    Finally I have found that certain fabrics will prevent your palm from drawing on the screen when using a stylus. It would be nice some somebody to make a glove made of the type of cloth used for lens cleaning to prevent stylus using artists from messing up their work if their palm hits the screen.

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