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What apple product is this? Possible new ipod classics?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by rvk27, Jan 13, 2009.

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    Hey everyone,
    I was going through the futureshop catalogue a couple of days ago when i saw this ipod. it looked like a classic but it had a black clickwheel like the silver nano. it has the ipod firmware so it confused me about what it was. Im not sure what it is so i thought id ask you guys for help.
    possible new classic to try and look like the silver nano?
    Here is the pic
    (srry small pic)

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    Tom B.

    Sorry, but I'm pretty sure that is just the current black iPod classic. It only looks silver because of the angle. But it would be really cool of they offered the iPod classic in that colour combination like the 4G nano. I would buy it.
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    Sorry, that looks like the black Classic with some glare on the anodized aluminum front.
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    Ivan P

    As these guys said, definitely the current black iPod classic.

    The iPods were only just refreshed in September, they wouldn't update them again so soon, and Apple definitely wouldn't leak images this early (not that they intentionally leak things to begin with).
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    Why would you believe that some speaker company could leak a future Apple product like that?

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