What Apps are you most excited to see iPad versions?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by blue2noise, Jan 30, 2010.

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    I was just thinking about what apps could become 10x better with the iPad resolution. What are yours? For me it would have to be:

    Jaadu VNC
    Four track (maybe 8 track now?)

    and of course, the games!
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    Movie slate applications. Now this can replace 4,000 dollar time code slates.
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    watching movie and surfing the web.....probably not going to record music on it.....

    maybe play with the painting program
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    I forgot where I read it from but board games would be great on the iPad!
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    WritePad - will be killer - finally with a stylus a Newton replacement for me - text recognition is awesome for the iPhone and can't wait to have a larger screen to utilize!!

    Evernote - they are making a custom version and will love documents at life size and using Evernote as my eReader device :)


    Games - all of the great graphic intensive games I've boughten already like Doom Resurrection - finally I will start playing these games that I quickly put down do to screen size

    Logos Bible Study Software

    TomTom - will be fun to see it in full screen mode :)
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    +10000! Seriously. That would be absolutely awesome to have nice versions of PS and/or GIMP on it

    Other than that..
    -Facebook.. lol
    -LogMeIn Ignition

    I really hope that developers rethink their apps for the iPad as apple did for Mail, Calendar, etc. Instead of just porting over a "bigger" version.
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    Flat on a coffee table digital versions of board games to share would be great. I can invision versions upgraded to add animations and web references to take advantage of the iPad's capabilities.
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    Checkers and chess games you could just lay down and slide the pieces across would be very cool.

    I am really looking forward to the MLB app because it was so amazing on the iPhone. I haven't given it a lot of thought yet, but I think the bigger screen is going to make a massive difference with what we can see done. Including a much improved interface allowed because of the bigger screen size.
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    Akai SynthStation
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    Monopoly, risk, Axis and Allies, Chess, Checkers. They would make great games.
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    I'm definitely looking forward to an iPad version of Beejive and LogMeIn. My mobile experience will be complete then.
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    I'm looking forward to a drum pad application that is compatible with GarageBand and Logic. Musicians would not have to buy a separate MIDI controller to program drum beats. If an application came like that came out (maybe even Apple could create a GarageBand app for iPad), I would certainly buy an iPad this summer.
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    MLB app. <-----------------------Will buy iPad just for 12 HD games every night at my fingertips on a gorgeous screen. :eek:
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    Adobe Creative Suite.


    Some type of photography sales program.
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    If the SEC or NCAA made a football version of the MLB.com app, that alone would convince me to buy it.


    Apple could own the Southeast if that happened.
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    Multitouch professional video editing would be a dream come true. We'll probably have to wait for the fourth generation iPad or something before the hardware is up to it, but really, imagine having the tablet on your lap with a touch-based editing interface, monitoring your video on an HDTV via Mini DisplayPort, hooked up to fast external storage via Light Peak. (Too much of the criticism of the iPad IMO is focused on what it is at this instant, with no understanding of the amazing long-term potential this platform has.)
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    Realtime Sheet Music Scrolling

    The iPad could easily replace sheet music for performing musicians. I see myself with the iPad on a music stand scrolling big lyrics/chords as I play to MP3 backing tracks.

    Also, when practicing with the band I see the "Scroller App" projected onto the wall so all the guys can see the lyrics/chords when we are learning new stuff.

    THAT would REALLY be great!!!!!:D
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    I haven't seen anyone mention this yet but I think Pianist (or any other instrument app for that matter) would be great on the iPad. It's great on the iPod touch/iPhone when you're playing one note at a time but when you need to play more than one note at a time, which is most of the time, the screen is just too small. I also think Sims 3 would be pretty cool on the iPad.
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    Tweetie, Jaadu, Beejive, Facebook and games in general, to start.

    Imagine playing monopoly as a family on the iPad, just like it was the board game but more interactive.
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    Could imagine a virtual control surface for programs running on Mac Pro. (pro-tools, logic, Final Cut). Think about all audio fader and such.
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    And synth pads, drum pads, guitar effects processors...the list goes on and on. I'm looking forward to all this.
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    A lot of people are thinking along similar lines.

    I'm actually in pro video, and I'm pretty excited about the impact more fluid interface could have on the creative process.
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    That sketching app that was demoed at the event.
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    Apps like BeatMaker, Nois.io Pro, miniSynth. I'm really looking forward to see what can be done with synthesizer apps running on the iPad.

    (Edit: I just realized that a few people posted similar ideas while I was composing this post).

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