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What are my best options for drawing a template...

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by katy, Jul 3, 2007.

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    Hello, i have to draw up a template (as large as 100cm, for the print people to cut around) so that i can drop graphics in to it so it is ready for print. What is the best program to do this?

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    Could you tell us a little more about what "print" means in this case? Are you thinking more along the lines of photography, volume commercial printing, desktop printing? There are lots of programs that can do this kind of thing, but I'd hate to say to run out and get some über-expensive layout thing if your needs were simpler.
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    I am to create a template for the print people to mount on a particular frame. So i am responsible for the digital print and the drawing up of this template.

    What are my options?
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    Oh. Kay. Your options are really wide open there, given the very general description of what you want to do. The right tool will depend on what you have in mind with those templates.

    First, the heavy hitters: desktop publishing. The common ones are InDesign and Quark, and a lightweight contender would be iWork. This type of program is best for setting type and laying out artwork on the page. these programs don't really have artwork creation at the heart, but basic drawing tools are included.

    Next up are the vector art programs. Illustrator pretty much owns this category at present, especially if you need output that won't make the printers hate you. It does well with small spans of type, but it doesn't have all the fancy text facilities of the DTP programs. Its vector drawing tools are comprehensive, and it's very easy to place photos or other external artwork. It includes the tools needed to make everything ready for the printer. From what little I can gather from your posts, I think this may be what you want.

    Finally there are the bitmap programs, Photoshop and many competitors. PS is somewhat print-friendly (and more than somewhat if you're going to place its output into one of the above-mentioned possibilities), type is not its strong suit but it can do a reasonable job depending on your needs. If your template would end up being some kind of photo or bitmap work itself, simple layering may handle the job. PS gives you a big bag of filters and retouching tools that aren't so easily applied by the other options. On the minus side, your output is pixels, this may or may not give you trouble, depending on just what you're planning to put in these frames.
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    I did start using Indesign (educated guess), your input has reassured me though as i was not sure that that would be the right tool for the job.

    I have not really used Indesign before so if you have any tips it would be appreciated! As right now all i have done is stuck a grid on and used the line tool :eek:

    Think i was worrying because i though maybe it would require a more 'technical' program.

    Thanks a lot :)
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    I'd opt for Illustrator, personally. InDesign is meant for page layout, not for drawing vector shapes (in this case, a template). It'll probably work, but Illustrator will give you a lot more flexibility.
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    Ahh thanks, you're right :)
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    Father Jack

    Adobe Illustrator or Macromedia Freehand (now taken over by and discontinued by Adobe)

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