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What are the chances of new iPod?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by ddk121, Jan 8, 2007.

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    I'm really looking forward to Apple's Keynote tomorrow :) . What do you think are the chances of Apple releasing a true video ipod?
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    With the release of iTV, I would imagine there would be a good chance of Apple releasing a vPod due to the integration (assumption on my part) that they will be made to work together seamlessly.
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    No one knows but it is not getting as much hype as other products. PErsonally I dont think we will see one , but shortly after apple will pull one out.
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    Normally, Apple release a new iPod after about a year of the last generation. Don't you think it's a bit strange Apple have waited quite a bit longer this time?
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    That is true, but when i tihnk a bit more it does make sense contrary to my last post, to release it. The ipod is one of the main products and giving it a silent upgrade may not be the smartest of moves... Ugh, I wish i could go to this keynote itll be awesome, and packed with people andnew stuff!

    Well guess well see in approx 18 hours.
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    I now think we're going to see something along these lines. Funnily enough, it was Gates' speech at CES that has convinced me. It's almost like he's trying to spread FUD about something unannounced :cool:
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    For me, I would much rather see a new iPod than an iPhone.
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    Based on the fact that I waited all last year and finally purchased an iPod.... I'll guarantee that the new model will not be announced until my 30 return grace period expires:rolleyes:
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    Lol. I hate it when you buy something (especially from Apple) and like a couple of weeks later they bring out a new revised model. It really bugs me!
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    I agree.

    I really hope a new pod comes out, my 60 is almost full.
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    Yes a new vPod would be great. :)

    And if a vPod is introduced, I imagine that it might have a few more features than just playing videos. My guess is that this might be a way for Apple to get into the PDA concept, albeit slowly. Already we can DL contacts, calendar and notes. Be nice if we could sync things meaning being able to enter data on the vPod with a stylus. However, this is only conjecture on my part as I have no concrete data to support this idea.
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    ThinkSecret says 60%..I hope it happens!!
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    That sounds about right. It's a coin flip.
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    been very quiet on the rumor front chances: 40%
    'iPhone' about 75%
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    After reading some of the Live coverage, I doubt today will be the day. They have made new ads for the iPod.
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    Oops...look like I was mistaken!
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    Please make this available today Steve
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    I was gonna buy a Nokia N95, but "GOODBYE NOKIA N95, HELLO iPhone!
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    Sooo... if you want wait until June, can settle for 4 or 8 GB, want a new two year Cingular contract, then YES!!! a wide screen iPod :D I'm so not excited. Like I said previously. They will introduce a widescreen iPod after I can no longer return mine.

    I am now one for one in Apple predictions.

    Watch this space for further developments.
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    I don't care for the iPhone.

    I love the iPod side of it, but not the phone side.
    What are the chances of Apple releasing just the iPod side of it?

    Parents aren't going to buy their kid a device like the iPhone to play and watch movies with.

    I'm so disappointed with Apple right now.
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    Even the iPod side is crippled having a max of 8GB. Compared to most on this forum it seems that I've got a small music collection... It's still bigger than 8GB and then where does the video (kinda the fun part of having a widescreen display) go? How about an SD slot? some glimmer of hope.

    Well time to put that invibleshield on the 80GB... I guess all those that said just buy one a year ago were right.
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    It would make sense if they do release a touchscreen iPod similar to the iPhone minus the features.
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    I'd expect a true video iPod in the near future. It'd look good in 100 and 120 Gb, wouldn't it? And shipping right after it's announced
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    I think the reason we've seen this phone, prior to an ipod with the same technologies, is the cost of the components involved. Particularly multi-touch, but the embedded processor and screen are much more expensive items than the previoous generation of ipods - and will have involved a large R&D cost.

    it's quite possible that Apple couldn't bring these directly to the iPod in a cost competitive format. They may be leveraging the larger market, and price point, of this phone in order to be able to bring down costs for use in a "vPod".

    Personally, I'm confident that there WILL be a further HD incarnation of the iPod, which incorporates some of this technology. However, I'm not certain that it will be in an immediate time frame, both for the reasons stated above and to avoid canibalizing iphone sales.


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