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What are the screen measurements? (Not diagonal)

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by rhinosrcool, Jan 28, 2011.

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    For both the 11.6" and the 13.3" airs, what are their horizontal (width) and vertical (height) measurements (just as if you cut out a tracing of the screens)?

    For me, I want to compare the screens to a friend's netbook and my 15" mbp.
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  3. rhinosrcool, Jan 28, 2011
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    If you would have BOTHERED to click on those links, you would have seen it mentions its physical dimensions right there near the start of the page.
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    OP mentions the sizes of the screen, not including the bezel, which the Apple site does not specify.
  6. hfg
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    For all you sharp high school kids out there ... can't you simply calculate the dimensions since you know the diagonal, that it is a right angle, and the aspect ratio?;)

    See ... much simpler than looking at the spec sheet!:p
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    Pythagorean Theorem
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    So....if aˆ2+ bˆ2 = 13"ˆ2,

    and knowing that a/b = 900/1440,

    now you can use your calc on your mbp to find out :D
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    The 13" MBA is about 12"x 7.5x. I hope that helps you for whatever you need it for.

    - Joe
  10. hfg
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    BONUS POINTS if you can do the math in your head! :D
  11. hfg
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    For the OP:

    11.25" x 7" for the 13" Air
    10" x 5.75" for the 11" Air
  12. rhinosrcool, Jan 28, 2011
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    Thank You!
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    Math is fun!
    Let's do more general math that deals with right triangles :D

    A radio station tower stands vertically perpendicular on to the level ground. A cable comes down from the top of the tower attaching to the ground creating a 30 degree angle. The cable is 100 feet. How tall is the tower in feet?
  14. hfg
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    86.6' (100 * sin 60)

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    Bingo! :)
    I used Cos 30, instead though.

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