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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by SoGood, Jan 29, 2005.

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    These surfaced on a Chinese Mac forum. Anyone know what they are? Prototype of something?

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    Looks like a power convertor. The plug on the right is for power to the wall, and the plug on the left looks like the power plug on the Mac Mini.
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    The one on the bottom is the rectangular power brick from an Apple AL Cinema Display.
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    Such a tiny output socket for a Cinema Display? Sure about that? Anyone else able to confirm that?
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    Yep it is the power supply of a display
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    Yeah I can confirm it by looking at my ACD.
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    Hand Dryer Blower

    While I do respect the opinions above, I'm going to have to go for hand dryer blowers that go in public restrooms, though the apple would be upside down. :)
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    Typically a lcd display panel uses only around 12-16v at most and the most power is for the backlight. Although the screens look huge and power hungry they're quite power efficient. Of course, all efficiency is lost with the transformer though..
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    To be specific, the bottom is the 150v adapter for the 30" cinema and the top is either for the 20" or the mini. They are pretty much the same.
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    yeah, i can confirm those are the power adapters for the Cinema Displays. Looks just like mine. And yes, the plug from the monitor to the brick is that small.
    sorry to squash your hopes...

    Lee Tom
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    Thank you all for the ID!
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    And to think we got our hopes up on an Apple iBox from Taiwan factories.
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    Forget it. More and more are being produced on the mainland.

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