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What are your top reasons for using Apple TV? and Airplay question

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by unlimitedx, Jun 19, 2013.

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    I am considering buying the Apple TV.. is it true that you can AirPlay any video that plays on your iPhone and mirror whatever you have on your Macbook Air? Is it possible to AirPlay a website video stream on the MacBook Air, while using the Macbook Air separately to do other tasks?
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    The few things I've sent to the ATV over AirPlay worked except for Amazon Instant Video. That is blocked somehow and I wish they'd either allow it to work or put Amazon right on the ATV.
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    Yes, yes, no. When you mirror a Mac's screen, it just shows whatever is on the screen. So if something is above your stream window, you can't see the stream. Oh and your mac would have to be above a 2011 Mac.
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    Thanks. Let me ask in a different way for the 3rd question..is there a way to use the TV as second monitor via Apple TV? So that I could possible move the video to the screen extension while doing other tasks?
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    Yes, when OS X Mavericks is released and you have a Mac that supports AirPlay, you can use your TV via the ATV as a second monitor screen, while your Mac is displaying something else.
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    That's awesome!! Thank you
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    Remember, Mavericks won't be released till the Fall.
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    I like the interfaces for all the apps (Netflix/Hulu+, etc) on the Apple TV better than the others I've tried. But my main reason is Home Sharing. I have my entire DVD collection ripped to my Mac in iTunes and can share this extremely easy via the Apple TV.
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    I just received my ATV3 yesterday & I am quite pleased with it. With my subscriptions to Hulu+, Netflix, & my OTA Antenna, I'm more than happy. I actually just cancelled my Tv/Phone subscription to Fios, & now paying strictly for Internet service for 39.99/mo from a different provider.
    However, I tried to mirror a few kids apps such as Cartoon Network, Disney Junior, & PBS Kids with no luck. Same with other apps such as Comedy Central Stand Up, Showtime Anytime, & a few more.
    I was under the impression that you can mirror ANYTHING to the ATV3 but this simply isn't the case. All these apps use their own media player that's built into the app that doesn't support Airplay at all. Very disappointed although Hulu+ somewhat fills that void. Just my 2 cents
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    I use my Apple TV primarily as a Netflix client and sometimes to view purchased movies or TV shows from iTunes. And to AirPlay videos from YouTube.

    It is a great little device that consumes little power or shelf space. I used to run a PS3 until I realized that I basically only ever used it for Netflix 90% of the time, and the other 10% was for playing Blu-Rays. I now also have a small Sony Blu-Ray player.
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    I use it to play netflix and to stream my fairly extensive movie and tv show collection to my 3 TVs. I also use it to Airplay videos I download that are not yet ATV3 compatible using the Airvideo app.

    I also like the simple, easy interface. It runs smoothly and works typically without any issues. I have tried some of the other interfaces on a Roku, Xbox 360, Samsung BR Player, etc... and none of them work nearly as well as my ATV3s.
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    I use my ATV's to watch films on my hard drive & Imac plus netflix plus use it for airplaying music to different rooms in the house.
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    I bought it for the netflix interface. TIVO updated their netflix app late last year and it sucks.

    Now I use it for lots of stuff. Clever little thing.
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    Correct. If you have a Mac and mirror the display it will work. Airplay on the other hand does not work for a lot of things. For example, amazon prime plays audio but no video.

    Mirror and airplay are two different things.
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    Another feature of ATV not often mentioned is that u can control it via other IOS devices. Other boxes u have to type with a 10-keys like on a dumb phone U KIDDING ME!
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    try googling airparrot :)
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    I use it because it's the best streaming box out there, the interface is nice, it works with all my Apple products, I can access all my music/videos in iTunes, and I can airplay my Mac and my iDevices screen to my TV screen. None of the other streaming boxes can does those things. Plus it's Apple, "It Just Works."

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