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What cable do I need to see my iPhone screen on TV or Cinema Display/ Laptop Screen?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by MBX, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. MBX
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    What cables can do that???

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    TV - A/V cables
    Laptop - USB and Xcode
  3. MBX
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    Thanks, Captain Obvious :)

    But what A/V cable? It needs to somehow connect to the iPhone's dock plug/ connector. What A/V cable is like that?
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    The Apple Component AV Cable or The Apple Composite AV Cable
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    It only displays output from certain apps, is that correct? Such as the iPod player or Youtube?
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    I thought somehow there was a way to mirror the iphone screen to a larger one.
    Someone made a iPhone costume that pretty much did that.
  7. MBX
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    These cables are pretty much useless, only if you wanted to stream iTunes. Also the cable is way too short and not intended for what i'm looking for.

    What i need is for when i wanna stream everything else, like for gaming (to see it on the big screen).
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    There is a dock connector to VGA plug that is made for the iPad, but I believe it works with iPhone as well. But the app has to be setup for video out, otherwise it is useless, same with Composite or Component cables. The app must be specifically coded to do so. Like Netflix recently added video out.
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    To see non-video out applications on your computer screen, there's a jailbroken app called iDemo that does just that. DemoGod (the previous version) used to use the Apple Component AV Cable for output to a TV, so I imagine the same is true for iDemo. On the computer it works over WiFi.
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    Do you still need help with this, OP? I could have helped you sooner but MR thought it'd be cool to put me in time-out.

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