What camera should I buy?

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by FaustArp, May 26, 2009.

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    I have been looking for a digital camcorder that I could use for my senior thesis filming at school. I don't have a very large preference but I can just say if I had the money for an EX-1 I would not be posting here. I have been doing some research and I enjoy the features that the HVR-V1U offers as well as the convenience that the Canon HF-S10 and Sony HDR-XR520V offer. I have $3000 I am willing to spend on a camera right now. Does anyone have any opinions or experience with any of these cameras? Also, what is actually worth the money I have to spend? Thanks for your help!:)
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    I would go for the HVR. I'm not a professional, so maybe what I'm saying is not that important. But I like the fact that it's bigger so you can film more stable. Also the instant options I like. I think the zoom is far superior. (I once used his older brother, with the screen on top).

    Man I wish I could spend that amount of money to a camera.:rolleyes:
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    This may not sound right to you, but based on my own experience, bigger is better with video cameras. In other words, you want the flexibility afforded by more professional I/O jacks and higher quality audio, and actual manual controls. I've never seen any camera's automatic mode that could outperform a marginally competent user shooting on manual. Get the HVR or something in a similar class, because its video quality and usability far outstrip the other options, as well as expandability. Trust me: when it comes to video, the tradeoff for convenience isn't worth it. Either you don't really need to shoot high quality, and thus can probably get by with a Flip™, or you want to go all the way for something like an HVR.

    This is based on my experiences with the Canon HV20, GL2, and XH-A1 as well as the panasonic DVX-100B.
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    Thanks for the input. I really appreciate the replies. Only reason I ask is because I was having a conversation with my good friend and he recently sold his sony FX1 for the new 1080P Xacti camera and when I told him I wanted a semi-professional camera he argued the convenience of the Xacti. I also cant wait till the Scarlet arrives cause thats on my list as well :p
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    I'm hoping to get a scarlet. My thoughts were that if he's using the Xacti, he wasn't up to anything serious to begin with - it's barely different from buying a point and shoot still camera and recording videos with that. My Pentax Optio W60 I bought for a rainforest research trip could record a good 2 hours of video to an SDHC card. It could even do HD, were I satisfied with 15 FPS. But if you're filming for your senior thesis, you want an actual camera, not a convenient camera.
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    Good point! Thanks for your comment:)
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    Have you thought about the JVC GY HM100? It's tapeless and provides pretty snazzy video quality. It has two XLR ports, while it only has a 1/4 inch sized sensor, with the right gain adjustments you can get pretty great low light. Great workflow set up if you are a FCP user, video files are recorded in either MOV or MP4.

    Review by my video tech guru Philip Bloom.

    Just another option.
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    Thanks for the input. Thats a good looking camera. Just curious, how does everyone feel about the Canon XH A1s? Thinking now either the canon XH A1s or just buying the HF S10 with a letus mini. Im not sure, so many options. lol :D

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