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What can I use to protect the back of the iPad?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by michael31986, Jun 8, 2011.

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    I use a smart cover in front but I need something for back that doesn't add a lot to it. And also what's a good screen protector?
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    I bought a Bookback by dodocase and it seems good enough to protect from scratches and doesnt impede the smartpad at all.
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    I just bought wrapsol for the back and power support anti-glare for the front. look up some reviews/videos about them and see what you think. not sure if you're looking for those kind of protectors or if you're looking for full on case surrounding it. i still haven't installed mine yet but by the looks of the reviews and videos they seem to be really good.
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    i an vouch for the wrapsol on the back. it's almost like it's not there. it also enhances the backs metallic look. it's really nice

    if you get the original "wet" front for wrapsol, it's virtually clear and I can't feel much of it using my finger (almost feels like the glass)
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    Best skins ever back wrap is working well for me.
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    Same here. Looks good, feels great and adds no weight.
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    Can you post a picture of it?
  8. glen e, Jun 9, 2011
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    this is a std black gelaskin - works very well and easy to apply:
    icarbons work well if you like carbon fiber in white or black
    dodocase bookback:

    all of these apply dry - I will never use a wet skin - no need for it when so many will apply dry...
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    Add another recommendation for the Dodocase. It's got a great grippy feel to the back, so the device is actually easier to hold once it's on there. Also, I think it's got a pretty cool textured look to it, and it doesn't get dirty or hold dust.

    Plus, for only $20, you can't really go wrong.
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    The cheap TPU cases off ebay work well.
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    +1 on the icarbons. I had BSE before that but love the icarbons look/feel
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    I bought a clear plastic hard shield that snaps on to the back from eBay. I think it was right around $15. It works really well with the smart cover.
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    Here you go.

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    here's some of the wrapsol. notice how it's not shiny (i hate shine) and really retains the look of the original metal back. i've tried to capture it under different lighting.

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    Fwiw, mine looks like that in similar lighting, it was under a window effectively. Certainly the b worst case scenario for making it shine.
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    yeah i had one under the window too (green in the background). just saying, wrapsol has no shine at all in any circumstances.
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    It's on the back, so I don't care as I rarely see it :)
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    qft :)

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