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What changes would get you to buy the iPad?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by ikimasu, Feb 4, 2010.


What change would cause you to buy the iPad?

  1. Flash capability

    13 vote(s)
  2. Camera

    15 vote(s)
  3. Price drop

    6 vote(s)
  4. Something else

    18 vote(s)
  5. No change would be good enough - I will never buy an iPad

    4 vote(s)
  1. macrumors member

    I've seen a number of people here who said they wouldn't be buying the iPad, so for those people I'm just curious - what, if anything, could be changed in the iPad that would cause you to buy it?
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    How about an option for "Don't care - buying one regardless"
  3. macrumors member

    Haha, well I thought about it, but I wanted to aim this question specifically at people who didn't want to buy one. I personally am planning to buy one, but I had heard many who said they weren't and just wondered if anything could be changed that would change their minds.
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    Then I suggest an option(s) for "Multitasking" and/or "OS changes". That's a gripe people seem to have with it.
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    I'm not worried about Multitasking being an issue at all. There are a ton of people out there who don't want to have to learn a whole operating system/file management just to do a few simply tasks. Providing a simple streamlined interface to people who want to do email, internet, youtube, pictures and movies is great. There will absolutely be a market for it.

    I agree Apple should have positioned a iPad Pro (or something along those lines) for people who want that extra edge. Even if it is something like a camera built in or a full featured OS X. Who knows. I think it's also a testing group for Apple to see how well it's going to do in the market. I can guarantee you we'll see more features/expandability of these if they take off in the future.

    Exciting times :D
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    D'oh! I should've added that ... ah well, I suppose people can just use "something else" for that. :-/
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    Ditto. It's already got everything I need.
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    I voted Flash as it was closest to the option of "I'd need to be able to install non-Apple approved mainstream applications on it".

    The iPhone application model is okay on a phone. It's not on anything bigger.

  9. r0k
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    If I can't save, edit and send out email attachments on the iPad, I will have to hold off. Happily, there are reports Apple will support this capability. I hope they support it right away. Another capability I'd like is screen sharing. Sure, I know I'll need a bt keyboard if I want to use screen sharing but I don't mind.

    I would expect screen sharing with an external bt keyboard to be a lot better than any of those iPhone vnc apps with the soft keyboards.
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    I'm on the "It's fine how it is" boat.

    Way to forget that in your poll.
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    What would get me to buy one is if it auto-blocked poorly constructed polls on internet forums.
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    I was going to buy one to replace my MacBook Pro and just have an iMac/iPad setup, but I realized that not having flash while browsing the web would just be too much of an inconvenience. Maybe a year down the line, I'll pick one up, but I don't see the justification as of right now.
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    If it auto-blocked obnoxious comments I'd be happy ... but then 90% of comments on the internet would be blocked.

    What's your problem with the poll? I explained before that this poll was specifically for people who did not intend to buy the iPad. If it were in any way intended for people who are going to buy it, I would have constructed it differently.
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    I voted never, but I try never to say never. I just prefer the notebook design with the screen on a hinge. Can't imagine holding a tablet all the time to view it, and if you're going to put it on a stand, you might as well have a notebook.
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    Would love to have the ability to transfer .wav files back and forth to the designated flash area via usb.
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    I voted something else only because I am really starting to warm up to the way it is now; and can't see what else I would add except maybe Porn?
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    for it not to be microsim and it to be a standard sim.
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    Jason Beck

    That is what kills it in my opinion. I can't do business on it if I cannot make
    folders and store attachments to reattach to customers emails. Specifically
    archived files. It needs a mini-finder. If they incorporated a finder into it,
    and the ability to use it like on OSX, then I would get it. Until then it is
  19. macrumors member

    Yeah for a business person's needs I can see the iPad not quite living up to the task. I guess we'll see what options come along, but I think that would be a legitimate concern. Thankfully I don't need to do any business on it. :D
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    There obviously has to be some file management going on. The mail tool seemed to be completely rewritten, so we don't know if you can do this or not. I would hope so, that is a bit of a pain in the butt as it is now. It would be nice to have a file area to store thing in.
  21. tys
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    A quick & easy Jailbreak.

    Once the Dev Team releases the iPad QuickPwn, I'm off to the :apple: Store!
    Who am I kidding? I'll be in line on day 1 ;)
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    Jason Beck

    Yah, And plus I am in design school =) Do a lot of photoshop and if i need
    to bust out some adobe, I can't on it. I just bought a Dell Mini for these
    reasons.. gonna sit out this generation of ipad. =)
  23. MTI
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    ADB port, AppleTalk and Floppy disk drive. ;)
  24. r0k
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    I should mention that I have every reason to believe you will be able to deal with email attachments on the iPad. Apple just asked developers to stop using the undocumented /dcim folder for usb conduits and Apple told them there will be "something new". I think that something new is to support the need to handle native files on the iPad.

    So for me the risk that email attachment handling will be an obstacle is very low. I thought it was worth mentioning because it is a very reasonable thing to have on a netbook/tablet. If I've got my iPad with me away from the office and somebody sends me a powerpoint or excel file and I want to change it and email it back, I would be upset if I couldn't do it especially if I forked over money for iWork.

    I'm cheating a little by bringing this up in this thread. I hope somebody from Apple reads this thread and sees this list of must haves and blows by this item because it's already handled. But I brought it up just in case...
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    "Something else." I would love to have an iPad that could replace my MBA (meaning, one running a full-featured version of Snow Leopard with 2+ GB of RAM). Until Apple gets around to making that, I won't be buying one (even though it looks like a beautiful device).

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