What color shoes with red t-shirt

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by aditghai, Apr 13, 2009.

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    I have a ton of red t-shirts. What color shoes match with red t-shirts?
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    depends on the pants too lol


    combination of any of these?

    and you don't always gotta match
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    Red shoes. I always love to match my shirt/shoe colors. :)
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    Red is pretty versatile. I'd say a simple design brown (just about any shade) or black shoe would be your best bet if you're out to look somewhat fashionable.

    If you've out to look a bit more youth trendy then blue, yellow, orange, red, or silver (silver kicks are great) would be good. White's pretty boring and cliche but it would do it as well. Buying an ugly shoe is more of an issue....

    Shoes are the best. I'm pretty much Imelda.
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    Depends on what the t-shirt looks like. If you wear them with jeans, it's pretty safe. Doesn't matter if the jeans are light blue or dark blue.

    So does Ronald McDonald.

    EDIT: Oh wait, no he doesn't. He wears red shoes with his yellow jumpsuit with red stripes. Perhaps you can match yellow shoes with a red shirt.
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    Little HZ

    Red or whatever color you are wearing with the T-shirt. :cool:
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    Thanks. Heading over to Macys.com to buy a pair of Diesel Zolkins.

    Why do Mac heads have such expensive tastes in everything?

    The worst combinations in the world:-
    1)Extremely intelligent coupled with bad luck.
    2)Being a Apple fanboy while being a Student.
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    Mr. Giver '94

    Red Black White or Grey
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    Wow. As I read the title and poster of this thread, the T and the G in your handle juxtaposed. For a moment there, I thought you were one of those Thai protesters and I found myself thinking, "That genius is about to be surrounded by the Thai Army and mostly worried about if matching shoes and shirts. That's bold."
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    My favorite shoes :) But it's just my style (no, i don't dress weird)
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    How do you not dress weird wearing shows like that?
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    Lol, I don't know. It just suits me. I wear a whole lot of blue, and in my school everyone has shoes that stand out. I wear American Eagle, Aeropostale, stuff with collars basically, jackets (zip up hoodies) and just normal kinda loose jeans. The shoes are just awesome :D
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    Do you live in L.A or are a Lakers fan? I would definitely wear blue/white shoes (Wizards), or Burgandy/Gold/White shoes (Redskins) to support D.C!
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    Match the shoes to the shirt, just don't wear too much red, and don't go to any bad parts of town :p
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    I would make fun of you if you wore red shoes with a red shirt. Unless you were in Devo or something.
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    Yeah, I always thought you should match your shoes to your belt. I'd probably wear black shoes, but thats just me. Its hard to tell without the rest of the outfit.
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    You can never go wrong with black (well, almost never since an otherwise all-white outfit would clash). But still, black.
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    lol, he said he likes to match shirt to shoes, it looks pretty nice with some stuff. But the shoes have to be nice, like really nice, or not planned out
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    usually not oranges, greens, or pinks imho

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