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What commercials have you seen a Macintosh in?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by slooksterPSV, Oct 30, 2005.

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    I thought I would start this thread to see what other commercials there have been where a Macintosh is in the background that you can find. I'll start off:

    Army National guard - the guy is going to a new job and its an airplane hanger. In the background you can distinctively see an iMac G5. They ask the one guy if he's ever worked on anything this fast (being the plane) and he says at the end, yeah in my last job.
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    i don't know any commercials, but i do know that one is in The Royal Tenenbaums....its an iMac. :)
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    PowerBooks are in hundreds of product placements. Off the top of my head, two mail order catalogs we have in our home use 'Books: L.L. Bean and Sharper Image.

    P.B. Teen also uses all kinds of Apples on their desks, furniture, etc. That's almost a Mac every other page!
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    I saw a PowerBook in a YellowBook commercial.
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    mad jew

    iMac G5 in the Kinder Surprise commercial on TV. :)
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    I saw a powermac in a powermac commercial.
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    There's an iBook in the recent Netflix commercials.

    Also, not a commercial, but in Firefly Inara's computer is an upside-down powerbook. :)
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    Wow...took almost three hours. Thought it'd be faster than that. ;)

    I've seen Powerbooks/Safari used in almost every ad my cable company has.
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    Nine Inch Nails - Only

    Music video is completely centered around a Powerbook and a needle-toy-thing. Very cool video.
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    I saw a PowerBook in a Dell advertisement on their site once.
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    I just recently saw a Powerbook in a Panago commercial. Got 20 bucks cuz I bet my friend that I have that exact same computer. lol, we like to bet on random things.
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    I saw that commercial for the first time two weeks ago.

    P.S. On an unrelated item, your signature line says "Find my Avatar offensive? PM me or Email me about it." Looks okay to me ... have others contacted you about it?
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    I never noticed the iMac G5 in that Army commercial... and it's on every single night. :p Next time it's on I'll be sure to look for it.
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    I've saw an iMac in an iMac commercial.;)
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    Yup - complained about it? Nope.
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    I know they are all over the place at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. You can't watch The Apprentice: Martha Stewart for five minutes without seeing a Mac logo...or so I hear anyway. *cough*
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    The last candidate dismissed was David and he was seen taking notes on a PowerBook while his team met with Merv Griffin.
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    I saw a magazine ad for.... AMD processors.

    The laptop was definately a powerbook, but the Apple logo was absent.
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    Not a commercial but I was watching Weeds recently and everybody seemed to have a Powerbook!

    Not sure what that says about Mac users. :confused:
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    Target uses Macs in their weekly ads (you'll see them sitting on computer desks, etc)
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    Today on the Ellen Degeneris Show the DJ Guy had a 14" iBook.
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    Jaffa Cake

    There's currently an ad for a Dymo label machine airing over here that has a girl using a white Apple keyboard and mouse to help create her labels. And incredibly enough, the ad actually advertises the product as being Mac compatible! :eek:
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    Richard Lewis' assistant in "Curb" last night had a PowerBook. At first it looked like a 14" iBook, then in later scenes it looked like a 15" PowerBook. I'll have to check it out again tonight and verify.
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    I remember this commercial :) But... I recall them working on a helicopter. I will have to watch again.
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    I don't know of any adverts, but the programme 'Spooks' on BBC has lots of Macs there, typically it's just the iMac G5s and HUGE cinema displays, but in the last episode we got to see a Mac Mini!!!!


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