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What connection is better? VGA or HDMI

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by bunit, Dec 20, 2008.

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    I want to hook my "classic" Macbook Pro to my 32" LCD TV. Is it better to use the DVI to VGA connection or DVI to HDMI? What is better for watching movies?
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    Although VGA can achieve a higher resolution than HDMI, HDMI is a much better HDTV connection than VGA is. With that being said though, if your TV has a VGA port, just hook it up like that. It will be easier, certainly cheaper, and you will get a great picture as well.
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    HDMI will produce a sharper, richer picture. VGA produces a softer, 'flatter' picture.

    IMO, HDMI is better.
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    My problem is that HDMI uses a constant handshake. Therefore, in my case, if I want to listen to music through my apple tv, the TV has got to be on all the time, or it constantly drops out because one of the components is failing (TV off).

    I ran the HDMI from the ATV into the back of my receiver, and then another from the receiver into the TV.

    So, I now use the component video and the optical audio and I am thrilled with the A&V output.

    Just my experience.
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    HDMI :)

    i prefer DVI, but if HDMI is all you have then use it.
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    errm, actually the standard for VGA is 640 x 480 which is a lot less than HDMI
    (wikipedia on VGA)
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    Yes, that's the standard for VGA resolution. But a VGA cable can carry a much higher resolution than just VGA... I use a VGA cable to connect my MBP to a 42" LCD TV using 1920x1080.

    And the picture is fine, there's a little bit of interference, but it's probably because I'm using a 25' cable.

    VGA is definitely easier to set up.
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    VGA is easier to setup?? you sure about that i always find a digital connection way easier.. i seem to have trouble with the analogue connections, they arent always picked up by my computers.
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    Well, it was on my TV...
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    yes, computer to TV?? there lies the problem that i mostly have. besides, my tv doesnt (for some odd reason) have support above 1024x768 on analogue.
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    You're correct. Most HDTVs don't officially support computer connections over HDMI. This is especially problematic with 720p HDTVs.

    Therefore, you have to resort to programs like DisplayConfigX to get the exact output resolution and timing that works with your HDTV without experiencing overscan or other problems.

    Apple needs to incorporate the HDTV resolution settings they built-in to Apple TV in to Mac OS X.

    DVI is still the best choice if your HDTV supports it. Unfortunately, many HDTVs (including all Samsung's I've used) turn off image processing when using VGA. This can lead to a muddy and blurry picture.

    Even using VGA, Mac OS X's built-in resolutions still may be off slightly. For example, I have a vertical row of black pixels on one side of my HDTV when using VGA.
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    or the tv not working at all!!!!!

    IMO DVI is one of the best, that is why i bought a DVI->HDMI cable so that i can natively support my computer on my TV, the quality looks amazing :)

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