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What cooler will stop tibook fans?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by drMinky, Aug 4, 2003.

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    I am getting a bit peeved with the "vacuum cleaner" noise of my 1GHz tibook that once on, never goes off. I was hoping to hear from anyone with experience of any of the cooling stands/heatsinks for laptops. Are any of the passive heatsinks enough? Or do I need yet more fans to tame this beast?

    (other than that, I luv this machine, BTW!)
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    The only thing that turns my fans off is setting the PowerBook on a cool surface, like tile or such, and let all the heat be "sucked" out of the machine.

    Also, as with most laptops, running off the battery and running on low performance mode all lessen the amount of heat.
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    That sucks! My iBook 800's fan never comes on unless I am playing a heavy duty 3D game for 10min +. Since I don't play these often, I can't even remember the last time my fan came on! It's usually plugged in and on full performance.
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    For some reason today was the first time I heard my Pismo's fan on. I was doing some serious rendering since last friday.

    Nothing like the noisy dual 500 I had, it was louder than the AC of my studio, just like a having a blender beside me.
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    Do a yahoo search for notebook or laptop fan. I've seen a bunch of them for around $20. Don't know how well they work, but they're powered through USB and around 21-25 dBa.

    At least you don't have a p*nis burning Dell.
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    Make sure you have all your feet - the rubber feet on the bottom are vital to ensuring good airflow.
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    Unfortunately it seems to be an issue with some powerbook models. The 1GHz tibook seems to be particularly bad for over-enthusiastic fan operation. I have seen hundreds of posts from owners complaining about similar probs with this machine, but alas no feedback as to which cooler might do the trick.

    I already have my powerbook on a riser, with processor set to 'reduced' to unfortunately no avail. :(

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