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What do I do when I'm done?

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by XnavxeMiyyep, Jan 26, 2007.

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    I'm completely new to XCode and Objective-C, but I've managed to write a functional program with a GUI and everything that compiles and runs perfectly. The only question is, now what? How do I get the app to just be an app that runs on any Mac, instead of just compiling it from XCode?
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    I've only used XCode a little bit, but I think that the compiled program is a self-sufficient .app bundle somewhere in the working directory that you set up. XCode might have an official way to 'export' it, but you just just be able to navigate to it in the Finder and distribute.
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    Change the build style to Release, compile, and then it'll be in the sidebar under "Products" (you can use right click -> show in finder).
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    This is what I thought initially, but this .app would only run on my computer.

    Thanks so much!

    This was just a program that I wrote for my dad that allows you to input a bunch of strings and then spits them back out in a random order. It can be found here if you really want it:

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